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Update on Kalli

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As for an update on Kalli, she is doing really good! I haven't seen her since last Thursday, but she was good then. She sleeps all the time! I mean before she was really active, and catching things and killing them. And running around with the dog, playing with him. But now she sleeps, all the time. On the deck usually, and she loves to lay there sunbathing, when shes not sleeping or eating. Which seems to be very odd, because I wouldn't think that this early in her pregnancy, she would be showing those signs. Which by the way she will be four weeks along this Thursdsay.

My mom called me yesterday, to see what I was doing, and also to fill me in on whats up with my pets. Everything is good, and she sas that Kalli is getting bigger. Which just put me in awe, because doesn't that usually happen untill later on? Or could that mean that shes going to have a large litter? or?.. (When do they usually start showing?) Shes still being very lazy, of course. I guess my mom was playing with the bunnies on the deck, and Oreo went over to Kalli and snuggled up with her! I wish I could have seen that, it would have been very cute.

So I guess thats all the news I have, and I will try to take some pics when I get there. I've got to remeber to stop into town and get some new batteries!

Oh and if Kalli is a tortie and white, or a calico, and the dad was pure black, what colors of babies am I possibly going to get?
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im glad everything seems to be going ok , fluffy started showing at about 4 1/2 weeks and seems huge now , the vet thinks about 4 kittens if not more , but thats not certin. with colours i really cant help you there as i havnt a clue.
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Im no good with colours either so cant help sorry......

Just wanted to say im really glad for you everything is going well.
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aww, sounds like things are going well with Kalli

I'm not sure about your kittens but I suspect you'll get at least one all black, I seem to think I heard black was dominant colouring well I am sure they'll be cute as cute can be when they come

keep us posted !
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I posted this in a thread about a week ago....

I have no idea how accurate it is, but it's fun to play with!
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Between 4-5 weeks they atart to show.... So get ready soon you will be pacing like the rest of us waiting on the cats to pop
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thanks everyone!

I hope I get a black kitty, as I love them! And I am going to check that out bnwalker.

Between 4-5 weeks they atart to show.... So get ready soon you will be pacing like the rest of us waiting on the cats to pop
I sure do hopeshe odesn't keep me waiting like most of the other cats have to their owners and everone else.

I still think its odd, that she is showing now, because she hasn't even hit 4 weeks. Hmm. Maybe its because she was on the skinny side before...
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So i checked that out, but it didnt' have her color on it, and i think thatsbecause it was made specially for Brisish Shorthairs. so i wonder if I am going to bealble to find another one.
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The Waiting game is so hard isnt it?
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The Waiting game is so hard isnt it?
Yes it is, especially with 5+ weeks to go.

So as for an update for Kalli today, she is doing really good. I thought that my mom was exaggerating a little bit when she said that she was getting bigger, but shes not. She is getting really big, her belly is round and it sticks out alittle. She is more active than she was before but not too much. And she is really happy to see me.

My camera has batteries in in, YAY! And i have found my cords, so I'm gonna try and take some pics of her tonight. Though I don't know if you will beable to tell all that much in pictures, because they never show how big somethign is.
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