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Milo and Marlee - Updates!

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These are just some new pics of the babies, I haven't posted in a while. They're lounging on the carpet after I sprayed it with some Catnip in a Bottle spray the neighbors gave us as a gift.

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Here are a few more of them while we were playing with some catnip bubbles that they love!!

Milo was very confused, he went to attack a bubble and it disappeared!

Then the same thing happened to Marlee!

Then they were both staring at the lone bubble left...

And thats the updates on my pretty kitties!!
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I still can't believe how much Marlee looks like my Rosie

Their gorgeous kitties
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They're such beautiful kitties!
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They are adorable Does Marlee have a Bobtail?
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Yes! I think she is part Manx, because she seems to have a lot of their characteristics. But since I got her from a shelter I don't really know. Her mother had no tail at all, and all her brothers and sisters had little bobtails like her! Thank you all for the compliments!
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Milo sure has one gorgeous tail, doesn't he?
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
Milo sure has one gorgeous tail, doesn't he?
That he does! And unless he is DEAD asleep, it never stops moving! (Which is why I often have Milo fuzz in my mouth, on my clothes, etc.)
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: aww what wonderful fur-family you have, Milo's colouring is wonderful and Marlee is such a treasure, sweet, just sweet
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What gorgeous kids you have - and obviously, the catnip mellows them right out! They both have very lovely faces! Catnip bubbles? I hadn't heard of those, but guess what my girls will be getting this weekend? I assume that these bubbles can be purchased at the pet store!
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It's wonderful to see Marlee & Milo again!! Milo has gotten so big!
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Your kitties are adorable! I love the last pic... did that last bubble die a natural death in the end, or did someone get brave enough to try again?
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Yes, I bought the catnip bubbles at either petco or walmart, can't remember, but they love them so much!!

And that last bubble did die a natural death, they both spent too long just looking at it!
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O MY, they are just such cuties, soo GORGEOUS!
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