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We took "belly pictures" tonight of the girls!

Sasha, she's got about a week or so left. The babies are extremely active, I can feel them moving almost constantly. I can't express milk yet but the tips of her nipples are white and crusty, and when I wipe them off it comes back within a few hours.... so I don't know if maybe it's coming out just a bit and then drying up... I don't know. But she's definitely getting closer!

And Missy... I still haven't felt babies move yet. But then again, momma won't sit still very long for me to feel for them. I have no idea how much time exactly she has left, but I'm guessing 2-3 weeks.

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Big bellied indeed lol

I think I read somwhere that a little olive oil on the nipples..not too much..is good for alleviating the crusting.
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oh I love their big fluffy bellies. Wish I could reach out and give them a big old rub.....LOL
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Aww, what cute bellies!
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Wow you will have your hands full with all those kittens!

They look great do we start a poll on how many they will have?
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Originally Posted by Lacy's Mommy View Post
They look great do we start a poll on how many they will have?
That's a good idea, I think I'll go start a thread right now!
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