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I've been worried about you, Mika, and her litter. Haven't heard anything from you lately, so I hope no news is good news...

Any signs of kittens yet? Have your parents balked, and allowed you to keep her inside at this point? I hope everything is fine...please update us if you jump on.

I saw on Chazhound that you got a new puppy over the weekend, so I'm sure she's keeping you busy, and Hershey too. Please let us know how Mika's coming along.
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No signs of babies yet, except my sister felt her, and said she felt empty, which she may just have 1 baby in there. Mika is still up and going, and healthy, her teats have lost the fur around them! So it won't be long now! Mika is eating well, and making sure I feed her, when she wants it lol. So I spoil her and do. I will be sure to keep you guys updated with pictures of the little babies when they come! And she is not allowed in. Maybe I can put her in Whisper's crate.. But pretty soon she will need it. So that kind of shoots that idea. But Mika is doing great, and I will try, and keep you guys updated with everyone! I'll do my best! I only have one more month of school left, so after that, I might not be as busy, but still busy. Just May left! Yay! Then everyone will get lots of updates!!
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Is Mika living with your sister? I was under the impression that your sister doesn't live with you, but correct me if I'm wrong. Do you think maybe Mika had the kittens outside, and abandoned them...or has she been strictly indoors lately?

Unfortunately, when you palpate a cat, there's not great way to determine the number of kittens...there may be one, there may be 4. It certainly isn't an exact science. I sure hope that she hasn't had them at this there any way she can see a vet, to determine if there are babies, or if she's delivered?

I'm sending safe kitten vibes. We're all rooting for you and Mika, and hope everything works out for the best!
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no, she is not with my sister, but she is getting into fights with Smokie!! Its starting to worry me, do all cats get this way before, or after giving birth? I am not sure if I can get my mom to take her to the vet's.. She is kind of getting aggressive towards Smokie though.. Its weird, she used to love that cat...
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I was just thinking about you and Mika the other day, and I was watching for posts from you.

As for her fighting with Smokie, I would guess that they do get a little moody, I mean I would, wouldn't you? But i would be *really* afraid that she was going to get injured. So is Smokie preg. too?

Just curiosu, what kind of puppy did you get?
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Oh, I hope Smokie isn't pregnant. I don't know if she has had a heat or not.. thats the bad thing, because she is always in the doghouse that is provided. And as for Whisper, she is a Yellow Labrador. She is on my foot right now. I need to post more.. But I wish we could spay Mika, and Smokie, but this is why, I am still thinking about getting rid of them, because I have thought about what my grandma, and you guys have told me. For the love of them.. Because I care about them very much, its just this is a very hard decision, although I know they would be better off somewhere, spayed, in a warm cozy fire... But, I can't pucker up the courage to do it..
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Well I hope she is not! Even though kitteens are adorable. Ireally want another lab. Are you planning on breeding Hershey and Whisper?
It would be a very hard decision for me to get rid of any of my cats. I understand what you are going through.
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No we are not breeding them, Hershey is neutered. Thank goodness! We got a female so there wouldn't be male, and male competition.
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i take it hershey is allowed back inside now then ?
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Hmm, so they neutered him, but not the kitties. Thats odd..
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KeishaHmm, so they neutered him, but not the kitties. Thats odd..

My brain isnt too good but I think the cats were strays at her home?? Its not uncommon for somebody to have spayed animals and then care for unspayed pets. I operate my own rescue yet my 2 stray cats are not spayed. I think she is doing the best she can with the hand she was dealt. These strays DO need to be strictly inside cats...ESPECIALLY since they are not spayed but she is living with her parents and have to abide by their its hard to do anything when you have somebody else in control of your actions and decisions. Hope you can find this girl a home be it temp or forever...she really needs to be an inside cat...
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I've always found that odd too...

Spirita posted on Chazhound that Hershey's allowed back in, now that they have Whisper.

Spirita, are you a bit worried that you're not sure if Mika's had the kittens? If you're seeing A LOT of her, then I would venture to guess that she's either not had them yet, or she has, and something has happened to them...

A mother cat will stay completely with her kittens during the first few weeks...especially since she's an outdoor cat. She needs to protect them, and they cannot go long intervals of time without nursing or her protection. So, if she's had them...I'd be worried if she's not tending to could mean they've already been lost. And, it could also very well mean that she's pregnant...again. In fact, I'd almost lay my money on it.

Or, she really may not have delivered yet.

I sure wish there was more I could do to help your situation.
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I made another post!! She is having them right now!! And there are two!! She is tending to them now! She doesn't mind that I am there with her! No wonder she has been moody lately!! I would be too!
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