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Mad at SafetyCross.com!!

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I just bought, through WalMart's website, these really great 6-in-one emergency hand-crank devices. They have: an LED flashlight; siren, FM radio, spotlight, compass, signal flasher, and cell phone charger. All you do is crank for 30 seconds to get 60 minutes of power. I bought 3: 1 for hubby's car (his birthday is today); 1 for my car; and 1 for the emergency box at home. Since our area was without power for almost 2 weeks last summer, I thought $18.85 per device was well worth it. And it would be, if it weren't for the fact that you have to send away for the "Free" adapters. Oh, yeah, the adapters are "Free", but for 3 (they are TINY things; no cords, nor plugs--about 1 1/2" long, about 3/4" wide, flat things), they charge you $17.85 in postage!!!! WHAT A RIP-OFF! It probably costs them no more than $1.50 to send 3. Notice how the price is almost the same as 1 device? Hmmm...And I really bought them for the emgergency cell phone feature. If they worked well, I was going to buy more as gifts for Christmas. (They DO work well, but paying the postage for the chargers puts me off buying any more.)

I'm sending them a snotty email, which also says I will tell everyone I know about their little game.

Thanks for letting me vent!

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Yup... I bought a crank-flashlight awhile back that claimed it could also charge my cellphone and had a bunch of little adapters inside... none of which were current for my Motorola RAZR. I've concluded that I just shouldn't buy anything electronic that comes from China.

Won't be buying their wheat gluten, either.
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