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Question for Crockpot users!!!

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I made spaghetti sauce the other day in my Crockpot but we didn't get to eat it yet, so I'd stuck the whole insert in the fridge.

My question is, now that I've had it in the cold fridge for a day, can I put it back in the heating part of the pot and reheat it that way? Or would that possibly damage the crock part since it's cold? I've had it out for about 20 minutes now on the counter to warm it up a bit but it seems to hold the cold pretty good.

I'd like to cook it for a bit more before dinner tonight anyway. And I do have 2 Crockpots so I could transfer all the sauce....but I'd rather not if it's not necessary ya know?
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I think I would transfer the sauce if I were you. You don't want to take a chance at cracking the crock part
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I have never had any problems sticking it back into the heating element when it has been cold...sounds yummy..
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I do it with mine, but only on low. It heats up really slowly, so not much chance of it cracking.
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My favourite crockpot book actually advocates preparing many of its recipes the night before, sticking the insert in the fridge, and picking up where you left off in the morning. No cautions about coming from the cold. I'm sure it will be fine.
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I would transfer it or just heat it up in the mirowave or on the stove. Putting the inside crock pot in cold then directly into a heated environment could cause it to damage or crack. And if you love your crock pot as much as i love mine- i know you'd be sad if it broke!!! so transfer the sauce out before you heat it
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Type, just use the low setting. However, it would be much faster for you to either reheat it in a pot on the stove or in glass bowl in the microwave.

When I am making a roast in the slow cooker I get everything ready the night before in the crock and put it in the fridge. In the morning all I do is put the crock in the heating part, and turn it on automatic. Dinner ready 10 hours later
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Or you could set it in a larger bowl and run lukewarm water around it for awhile to take the chill off.
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The right way to do it is probably to transfer it to another dish. However, I've stuck my insert in the cold crockpot and turned it on low many, many times and have never had it crack. (I wouldn't do it if the crockpot has already heated up, though.)
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I ended up transfering it to be safe. Next time I won't worry so much, but it might be better that I did. I put it on High in the other crockpot and it's not steamed up the lid all the way yet, plus there are chunks of beef and my Grandpa's homemade sausage () in there too, to get warm. I want it to cook down a bit more before dinner. I think it'll be ready in about an hour. I think I'll just have DH make salads now to hold us over till then. My mouth is salivating with the thought of the sauce.
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Yeah, crockpots are no good for heating up very quickly. Mine has a nice WARM feature that it goes to after it's done cooking, so I just set it on low and then it goes to WARM.
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You already took care of it but when I read the title I could have sworn it said CRACKPOT instead of crockpot!!
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Originally Posted by Phenomsmom View Post
You already took care of it but when I read the title I could have sworn it said CRACKPOT instead of crockpot!!
I read my post over and over again just to make sure I didn't type that!!! I was trying to hurry about it but I was just worried I would!
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