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What a day

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So today my friend called me early this morning, and she does have a new baby so we dont get to hang out that much! Well it was a nice day so she wanted to hang out and so we went to the mall. As we were leaving of course some guy comes up behind me and scared the heck out of me, and my friend (mandie) is putting the baby in the car and he just starts talking to us, and we were trying to leave to go do something else and well we were trying to get out of there and mandie had accidently locked the keys to the trunk and car doors in the trunk with the stroller! Luckily it wasnt the same key to drive! But we didnt notice that until after we had finally got to leave, the guy kept talking to us for over 20 mins!


While we were driving to find a good park we hear a noise and we couldnt figure out what it was. So we finally pull into a parking lot and so I was just going to go home so she could get home with the baby and have nothing to worry about! Well appearantly the gas meter gauge thing (sorry I don't know what its called its been a long day like I said ) is broke, and we ended up running out of gas on a highway. So we tried our best to move it to the side and get it out of the way, luckily the police station was accross the street but when we went to talk to someone nobody was there. But thankfully a cop had stopped when he seen the car!

So Mandie calls her mom for her to call AAA, and so they are on their way right!?! Well it turns out that the cop called his own place and they came put a little bit of gas in it and said that will be $85! We almost fell over, no one around here carries that amount in their purse, to many things to worry about you know and she has a 4 1/2 month old! So she had told him that and so he took the car and said well I advise you to get that money quick because it will go up $35 each day

So then we got to ride in the cop car to the towing place and Mandie had to contact her mom to try to get money so we could get the car! So we did that, and it took about an hour! And then we had to go to a gas station which luckily was next door because they wanted to charge $3 for each gallon Mind you this whole time AAA kept calling and looking for us!

It was so nice today and all we wanted to do was go to the park But fortunatley no one was hurt in this "adventure"!
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Like you said, no one got hurt...sometimes in these stressful situations you have to look back and say it could have been worse, and Thank God...especially with the baby in the car.
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Good grief, sounds like the cop maybe has him a deal working with the other place and making him a little money on the side. They ALWAYS wait with you until the tow truck shows up too.

I'd be checking that copper out....
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I have never heard of cops charging for bringing you some gas??? Did you tell him that AAA was on their way?? I am glad that nobody got hurt in the whole thing...I would have been on my last nerve..
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Go straight to the nearest newspaper or TV station with that story. That cop is clearly working a scam... and the rest of the force may be in on it, so I wouldn't report it to them. Get the light of public attention on the situation right away.
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See what happened is that the cop has said it was an "emergency" situation and they had to move it right away and we couldnt wait for AAA to come But I did hear something that they pay for the towing, but then it changed to AAA paying for it later on, we have to send them the receipt! It was confusing, but the cop had to stay I guess because it was a highway but there was another lane and everything, and it was that police stations towing company! It just blows my mind that because the cops called its $85. The body shop said that was an automatic price whenever the cops call, and on top of that the cop had said that they tow about 6 cars each day. We are just a little mad that they never informed us of that until they were ready to put gas in it! Then we were just so confused and we told them that! But the cop I guess had to stay there, but thank god he did because they took the car we would have been stuck up there! The cop was nice but everything kept changing.

I am just soo shocked that it was that much money, and I was looking at that places rates and such and also its not in a great neighborhood (the body shop)! I was very surprised that they didnt have a body shop in their area which there is many! Mandies mom talked to the body shop and she wasnt very pleased with them, and on top of that the guy was getting an attitude with her!

But luckily they didnt put gas into it because who knows how much that would have been you know! Mandie had $20 for gas and well charging $3 a gallon was a little out there you know! But whats funny is that there was about 4 different gas stations near where we broke down we just didnt have a gas can And well we ended up in a whole other part of town next to another gas station and $85 later and $20 for gas!

I kept telling Mandie though that it could have been worse!
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What a day!!!! Hopefully tomorrow won't be soo crazy! I'm glad ya'll are all safe and sound!
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I am actually awaiting Mandie to call me tonite, I came home and told my mom and dad that we rode in the back of a police car I was actually going to call my mom while I was in the back! Sorry everyone I had to give my mom at least one freak out before surgery And seeing how she say's that me and Mandie are "trouble makers" together we had to just say it (we werent that bad when we were younger, we never got arrested at least )
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