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Happy story for the day!!

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This has absolutely made my day!!!!

This is Mickey:

and this is his Petfinder page -

He's going to a new home today!!!!!! "So what" I hear you say... Well, Mickey came into the shelter in July last year when he was 6 or 7 months old as a stray that nobody claimed and he was the sweetest boy! Loved other cats, was affectionate, friendly, and just such a nice boy.

Nobody could understand why nobody was adopting him. Then in January someone finally adopted him, and it was a lovely family and we were so excited. A few days later he was brought back Apparently the family dog gets on fine with the 2 cats already in the house, but a third cat was too much, and the dog went for Mickey, and (I think during this incident) Mickey scratched his eyeball. So he came back, and spent time in isolation while his eye was healing and was pretty down as were all of us.

Then another shelter volunteer said to another girl and I last week that a friend of hers was looking for a new kitty, and she was trying to decide who to recommend. The other girl and I both said "MICKEY!!!!". And she said "oh yeah, I forgot about Mickey, since he's been in iso for so long!"

So her friend went in on the weekend and met Mickey and fell in love with him. They wanted a youngish cat, but not a kitten, and a kitty was friendly and affectionate but not too demanding and would be open to a kitty friend once he got settled. She put a hold on him straight away for this Friday coming when she knew her husband could come see him, and went home to tell her husband all about him, and her husband loves tabbies, and saw a bunch of photos I'd taken of Mickey, and immediately fell in love, and rang first thing today to say they'd be in today and taking him home.

I am SOOOO pleased!!! I think he may have a tough time settling in after spending 9 months in the shelter after arriving as a 6 month old, an entire house to himself might be a bit much, but they know to take things slowly, and sound like lovely people, so everyone please send lots of good vibes for Mickey settling in!!!!
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Sarah..he's just precious, so glad he has found his forever home...Many easy settling in vibes for this sweet boy.
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Oh Im glad he found a home! He is absolutley beautiful or shall I saw handsome!
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He is a beautiful boy!! I am so so glad he is going to a good home!
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Awwww, this story just made my day He is darling
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oh that's so great for him!!!! maybe a little catnip will help him adjust (if he likes it), that's what I did for Bentley he was at the shelter for months and horrified when stiff when we brought him home & a little catnip...he was at home!!! let us know how it goes!
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That's wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing Mickey's story. And his picture! He's a beautiful boy!
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That is wonderful news for Mickey and his new family. He will love having all of that freedom...He looks so sweet..
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That is so wonderful for Mickey! Gosh, he is one cute tabby, though, isn't he?
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Originally Posted by white cat lover View Post
That is so wonderful for Mickey! Gosh, he is one cute tabby, though, isn't he?
Yup!! I have so many handsome photos of him I had a lot of trouble deciding which one to put up here!
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He has got such a cute little face. How could people pass him by?!
I`m glad he`s finally got a new home after all this time and a false start at the other place.
Fingers crossed it all goes well

You know his face kinda reminds me of Susans Rosie!
Anyone else see it?
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Originally Posted by Jaffacake View Post
You know his face kinda reminds me of Susans Rosie!
Anyone else see it?
Yep, I see it for sure.

Congrats to Mickey for finding his new forever home.
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Awww, he is gorgeous! I have a weakness for tabbies myself. I'm so glad he found a good home. Do you usually send a kitty to their new home with something familiar from the shelter? Like a blanket or toy that they already know and feel comfortable with? That could help the transition be a little easier. Job well done!!
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Awwww, what a great story! WTG Mickey!!
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Oh...He's just precious. What a sweet face he has. I'm so happy he's finally found his forever home.
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I just got an update - he's just left the shelter with his new meowmy!!! YAYYY!!!!!!! I'm so happy that I'm tearing up, you get so attached to these little guys!!

It's also a testament to the volunteers and staff there that a kitty can be there that long and still be a happy, sweet kitty!
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