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How long?

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I foster cats and kittens and today a gorgeous pregnant cat arrived. I was just wondering how long approx you think she has until babes are born?

I personally don't think she has long, but I have never had a pregnant cat before as I tend to have very young kittens with mum and handrears.

She is a tiny cat and has a very round tummy. Her teats are very pink and have milk there. She is very very affectionate, but as she only arrived today I don't know how she was previously. She spends a lot of time in her box and rolls around showing off her tummy. She is washing a lot all of her body. She has eaten, but not a great deal, but this could be put down to a strange house. You can feel and see the babies move. She has drank a fair amount of water.

I was just curious what people thought.
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Welcome to TCS!! It doesn't sound like she has much longer, especially if you can express milk from her already. Good luck!
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Thank you. I feel like an expectant mum. She is the sweetest little girl.
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welcome to TCS , if you can express milk then it shouldnt be to much longer now , at the most a week maybe?
we love pictures here so when you get some of this mum to be please share.
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I have tried to take some today,but she kept coming forfuss, so they are not great will try again tomorrow.
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aww ok. will look foward to it , and hearing updates.
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Will definely keep you updated.
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Welcome to TCS! I can't wait to see pics I just love kitties
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here are some pics of her. They are not very good, but give some idea of her size. Will try and take some more later.

She looks as if she has no nose and mouth on here

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~Yup doesnt look like much longer. She definatly has that (Anaconda swallowed its food) look so I dout it will be long. She is very pretty! I ador the NO FACE pic very cute. Cant wait to see baby pics~
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Wishing you lots of good vibes for the upcoming birth of that lovely foster kitty's babies. She is a beauty...and yes, looks like she is about to pop any day soon!
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Thank you.

She is such the sweetest puss. She isn't eating much but will will eat little amounts if I sit with her and is drinking well and using the littertray well.
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aww shes lovely , thank you for sharing her pictures. she does look big.
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She has a beautiful coat. Bless her, She looks ready to pop. I dont think she will be long at all.

Good luck, Will keep my fingers crossed for you everything goes well.
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Thank you.

I keep watching her just incase

She is washing her belly and lower regions a lot today. I may be just watching too much though

My husband says the kittens will be born by Wednesday,but time will tell.
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I have named her Petal as I think it suits her. She is doing really well. She spends most of her time in her box. She isn't eating very much, but will eat a little more if I sit with her. She is washing loads. She is such a sweetie.

Here is a pic of her beautiful face

and another showing her belly

Do you think she is getting close?
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Petal - such a lovely name! Suits her. Yes, I think she's close if its 2-4 kittens.
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If she is grooming herself down there that is a sign of labor.

Keep a close watch on her in case she is a first time mom.

She might need some help getting the sacs off the kittens.
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She is grooming all over, but especially her tummy and below. sometimes quite intensively.

She is in a large dog cage in our bedroom, so I can keep an eye on her through the night aswell. I have no idea of her past history as she is a rescue, but she is young, so well may be a first time mum. Hopefully it won't be too long for her.
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That is a gorgeous name you have chosen for her. It really suits her sweet face.

I think you will have babies by the weekend. Now I have said that she will prob hold out just to prove me wrong....LOL
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Hopefully my nerves will hold out til babies are born LOL
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I know what you mean....You spend days or even weeks watching them so closely then the suprise you when you least expect it.

They just like to keep us on our toes.
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I have only had her since Monday, so it has only been a couple of days, but I will be glad when the babies come.

She is pulling her bed around tonight and miaowing and rolling over for me to stroke her belly bless her.
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That really is a good sign......Boo was like this for 12 hours prior to birth (most of those hours were through the night.....I got about a hour sleep!)

She is not normally a snuggly cat but just couldnt get enough attntion. It was like she was begging.

Its also great that after such a short time she feels so comfortable with you.

Hopefully it wont be too long.
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Fingers crossed.

She is very friendly and just loves fuss. It will sad when she goes back to the rescue with her babies, but I don't think she will wait long for a forever home.
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Well that was wonderful of you to take her in ! she is looking bid, and I dont' htink that it will be long. Lets hope she doens't keep you waiting. Good Luck.
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Exciting news. 2 little black kittens have been born this morning and both seem healthy. They are gorgeous. She is licking her lower regions again, so possibly another on way. She is doing great. Such a wonderful girl.xx
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Fantastic news. Brilliant......Well done both of you.

Cant wait to hear if there is anymore and lots and lots of pic's of course.

Emma x x
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we are to 3 babies now. Ithink the 3rd one is black too. Petal is doing the most wonderful job.
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it sounds like she is doing just great.

Bless her.....Come on petal you clever, clever girl x x x x x
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