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New foster doggy!

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This is Tucker.. he is a shihtzu/schnauzer cross.

I doubt I'll have him for very long.

When I brought him home this morning.

And after 3 hours of grooming.

Who's gonna clean this up?
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What a cutie! Don't think you should have cut all that hair off though. We used to have a shih tzu when I was a kid, and she made a great dust mop!
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I like them better with all their hair! He's a cutie either way, though! The mix he is, he certainly won't be around long, will he?
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His feet are so huge and bushy!!! I love him! He's really cute, and looks like a happy guy. I doubt you'll have him long, either. Someone will soon not be able to resist that face!!!
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Awww! Great job on the grooming! I have great admiration for people who take in fosters and get them all ready for their forever home!
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what a cutie! you did an awesome job on grooming him. what's his story?
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I'm not really sure on his story.. but I do know the people who had him didn't have time for him anymore. You could tell by his coat, desperate need of a brush and bath. He had a few matts here and there, nothing bad though.

And he could stand to put 5lbs or so on.. you can feel his ribs, backbone, and pelvis a bit too well for my liking.

They fed him a crap food and said that he didn't eat. But he ate when I fed him.

Anyway, once we get him neutered, I don't think it'll take long to find him a home. He already knows his basic commands. He is a real snuggler, loves to cuddle.
Only thing I see 'wrong' with him is that he does have seperation axiety (with me anyway) and will cry and escape anything to get to his human. So a home where someone is there all day pretty much, will be preffered.
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He's a cutie! Good luck finding him a loving home.
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