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We have Kittens!!

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Saphira and her babies

boy and girl

Tri-Color Girl

The runt (boy)

Saphira and her Babies!

She is so proud of her babies and I am so proud of her...She had 2 girls and one boy...and all 3 already have homes I had
given up on her having them last night and went to bed...when I went to check
on her this morning she had them I couldnt tell at first you could only see
her when I started petting her she rolled over to show me her babies nursing
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SQUEEE!!! Oh, they're adorable! Momma cat is quite a gorgeous girl, herself!
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Look at those cute babies. Great job mom...!!!!!
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Awww, how sweet! They are just beautiful!!!
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OMG, look at those precious babies!
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It's a bit cruel to point out that they already have homes surely

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Congrats to Saphira for a safe delivery and three gorgeous kittens!

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Awww that is so sweet! Beautiful pictures! Congrats!
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they are Beautiful , and so is mum , congrats , so happy to hear there all doing well.
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WOW they are Beautiful,I honestly thought she has a while to go yet she was so small.

Congrats on the three adorable babies

Make sure you post lots of pics!
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Oh my gosh!!!! How stinking ADORABLE!!! I saw the title of your thread and said I hope there are pics! Thanks for posting these. I've got a full house pet-wise so I have to live vicariously through others!
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I love how she rolls over to show you her litter! What a proud meowmy!!! And what gorgeous babies!
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Well done Saphira! Gorgeous babies! Ther are soooo sweet!
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They are all beautiful. I especially love your little tri coloured girl.

Well done and congrats to you both.

Emma x x x x
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yay, more babies, seems like all our moms in waiting decided to produce over the last 5 days or so

they are such adorable peaches looks like moma is settling well with them, doing what comes naturally, sweet, just sweet

Keep us posted !
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