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The tiniest Diva *cuteness warning*

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Hey meowmy, I'm down here!

Well, if you won't come down here, I'm gona escape!

Posing for her beauty shots...

Sunbeam baby

Huh? What? I'm awake...

Pics in her new digs, a 28 Gal Rubbemaid tote(was in 10 gal before)
I'm cute

The camera flash freaked her out & she puffed up!

Puffing down...

And this is the pic I snapped right before she bit my poor dog on the leg.
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There's only one word to describe...

awwwwwwwwww. She's so cute. Bring her to me right now ok.. Thanks. I'll expect you before
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Aww so cute! I love the last picture with the dog!
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Okay, that's more cuteness than I can stand. My crew wouldn't like her any better than than do Baby Lu, but I want her anyway!
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She was just sleeping & so I gave her a lil itty bitty kitty kiss. Now she's awake & crying. I just couldn't resist!
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Awwww that is so cute! I love kittens!
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She is just too precious!
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This thread should have a Super Duper Out-Of-Control-Cuteness warning! I know you put a cuteness warning on it, but I still was NOT prepared for the sheer amount of CUTE in this thread!!!
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Oh my gosh, how cute and cuddly..She and your dog are going to be best friends with a little "nibble" here and there..
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awwwwwww how precious is she ........... posing, all puffed up biting the dog shes a cutie pie all the way
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That's too cute, OMG
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That cat is just the sweetest little button
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OMG, waaaay too cute!!!!
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O my, what a cutie pie, she is soo tiny and so expressive She is just such a cutie and so GORGEOUS
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What a little angel! She has to be the tiniest Diva I've ever seen! What a hun - and such pretty colours too....

How old is she? 6-7 weeks?
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what funny pictures - she is absolutely drop dead huggable! What a sweet face and I love that she loves yor Lab!
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Her age is a mystery. Supposedly, she's only 3-4 weeks. But, she's rather big for that age, has good motor control, & has quite the set of teeth. I honestly have no idea how old she is!
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