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Chubby Cat

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Need a little advice, I have some concerns that my 9 month old female (peekaboo) is starting to pack away some extra pounds. I wouldn't say that she's fat, but she seems to be a little bit portly.

The problem is that her brother Snarf (the male), also 9 months old, is a much physically larger cat, probably more active, and is in perfect shape fat wise.

The first problem is that they are horribly addicted to dry food. They do eat the wet when I put it out at night, but they really only graze on it assuming there is dry food to be found. I've been reading a lot about dry food latley and realizing that it's not really very healthy.

Diet wise, they pretty much always have some dry food in their bowl most of the time, and they get some wet food when I come home from work in the evening.

Any ideas on how I can get her back into shape without disrupting my other cat, who seems fine with the current situation?
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If you are leaving dry food out all the time, unless the one cat has NO access to it, she will continue to eat it.

I would say to put a portion of dry food out and let them eat that - and no more till next feeding. You'll have to get her to exercise more - get some of the fishing rod toys for jumping or a laser light for running up and down steps or jumping up the wall.
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meals would be best ...

has the vet stated this one is portly???
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