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Lilly had babies

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HI Guys

I am fostering a Mom cat now called Lilly and She just had kittens last night in my husband's siter's barn. We don't know what time she started but my sister-in-law saw the 3rd of 6 being born around 9:30 pm. She and the kittens are at my house now and I again have questions....

She is panting a lot and her stomach feels still pretty solid, does this mean she isn't done? I asked my sis-in-law if she had the placenta but she doesnt know because she left her alone after she had the 3rd baby because she didn't want to cause her to move them. I do have them on a heating pad, could I be overheating her? I have it on low.

I told you guys before that I am a bad worrier but I am glad I have you guys to set me straight. I really just don't have enough experience with kittens this young. Lucy's were 4 days old when I got them. These aren't even 1 day old. I just think about how many I might lose since lucy lost 2.

I'm sure you guys remember Lucy from the urgent kitten help thread. This cat is her adopted sister. Lucy's kittens are doing great they are 5 weeks and 2 days old and are just about 1 pound each. They are cute and hyper they love to play and climb like crazy. They are just starting to get interested in food and we are just waiting for they day we can separate them from momma and schedule her spay!!
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hi thank you for looking after them.
she could be panting because after having 6 babys i would be to lol her stomach could be hard as it gets like this after birthing due to the wome contracting itself back to normal.
OR she might not have finshed and got disturbed and now being in a strange place shes holding of labour , keep an eye on her for an hour or 2 if you still feel like theres somthing not right then give your vet a call. keep us updated please.
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I posted at 2 and it is now 6 and no more babies have come out. Lilly isn't panting now she seems to be doing ok. Her belly is still hard. We are jsut taking a wait and see approach...
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Is it just 2 babies then? Congratulations to Lily. Mum and babies all ok?
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Lilly had 6 babies. This morning there are still only 6. Her belly is still hard and now there are 4 small spots of blood on the floor they look like fingerprints. It's not much blood but it is definately from Lilly because her babies are all in a box. Should I be worried about this?
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honestly in my opinion yes. Her tummy being hard isnt normal. It is like us having a baby we go soft. Can ya feel if there is another kitten in there. I think there might be. You posted over 3 hours ago my time so I hope ya post again soon. I am on only like 1 hr a day now with the new baby... I will try to keep looking.
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She could be hemroging(sp)?

Cally after giving birth cleaned herself up and have not seen any blood since.

As to the Belly Cally is soft again,Could she have any more babies maybe?

Did all the plecentas come out,and are counted for?

IMO give the vet a quick call and see if that is normal.
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she wasn't here when she had the babies. she is a barn cat of a relative. said relative will not take her to the vet because basically she doesnt care about the cats which is why i stepped in to take care of the kittens because she would jsut let them die. I don't know if she had the placenta. her owner was not there for her when she had the kittens. I would take her to the vet myself but I dont even have money for groceries right now. The belly is still hard and there was a little more blood on the floor just a few minutes ago. the earlier blood was thin like fingerprints just a tiny bit and dry instantly. the new blood was a little more like a little puddle the size of a nickel.
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A little blood is normal for about a week to 10 days after delivery. That now being said, blood is one of those things where a little bit of it actually looks like a lot more than it is. But a few small drops such as you have described are normal, so long as the discharge is actually blood and not greenish, pus-like or has a bad smell to it.

I wouldn't worry about her belly being hard just yet. This could be completely normal, but watch it. If by "belly" you mean the area where her nipples are located, it could potentially be the start of mastitis. If the kittens get fractious or start to cry a lot, then check her nipples for signs of inflammation.

For now, unless Momma begins to go off her normal habits of eating, potty'ing or sleeping too much, then just keep an eye on things.
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Hi, I hope all is ok for you.

Is her tummy still hard now?

A small spotting of blood is normal after they give birth but I would be concerned about anything more especially if she is still hard in her belly.
Do you have a shelter or animal welfare organization near you that you could ring for advice? I know its hard when you dont have the money to take her but she really needs to be seen if you think she may have retained a kitten or a placenta.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you everything is ok

Emma x x x
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