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just had to let you all know.

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that the 2 year old male i rescued from some horrible person might be getting a new home iv had him for 4 months here with me so far , i cleaned him up wormed him , fleed him (he was covered) had him neutered and got him back up to a nice weight. he still has issues but i can not deal with them at my home as its mostly other cat related , he hates other cats, food aggression ect... but i might have found someone to home him , they know of all the problems and they only live 2 miles from me , there comming around tomorrow to see him , then i will be going to theres just to make sure its the right home for him. iv already said he is to come back to me if it dosnt work out. but this is a step closer then i have been since iv had him.
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Hope it works put for him.
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Hope he gets a great furever home!!!!
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that this is the purr-fect home!!
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Aww!! I will keep everything crossed that this works out for him.

Be sure and let us know!!
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Good work! Hoping it works out for him!
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thanx everyone , i really hope this works out aswell , he really deserves a good forever home after what his been through. and i will be sure to let you all know what happens.
i will also be giving advice on how to go about his *issues* i know how to go about them , but with other cats in the house i just cant do it myself. but they have no other animals so he will fit right in. they have owned cats before there last one was an indoor only , but got out went missing for 4 days came back in a very poorly state , she had been hit by a car and sadly had to be put to sleep , this was 4 months ago and they are now looking to home another adult cat.
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they came around and fell in love with him , i went around to theres straight away so i could get the ball rolling and they have a lovely place with a nice garden no main roads about and no other animals
so he went about 30 mins ago , im soooo happy he has finally found a happy forever home.
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That's wonderful news! So happy he found a nice home
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i must admit though it was sad to see him go , but i was really happy at the same time that his finally got a new home,
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great news - I really hope it all works out, with some TLC I am sure the little fella is going to settle just fine - great news
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Wonderful news! "clap" I'm glad he found a great home.
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