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Who uses litter lockers and are they worth

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Who uses litter lockers? I'm wondering how effective they are in containing the odor. Now that its finally nice weather, when I place the bagged clumps out in the garbage they really smell. I'm not allowed to have pets in my co-op and I sure don't need the odor to give me away. I also bring the bagged used litter into work and throw them in our dumpster. But its going to be the same problem. The odor is so bad. Our maintenance man is going to give me gar-buds to disguise the odor but I thought if a litter locker really works maybe I'd get one. I'd appreciate your advice.
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I just got one recently, and while it does contain the odor really well, I had a problem with the bag breaking only 4 days into my first use of it.

At first I thought I had not followed the directions carefully enough, or that I overfilled it before turning the wheel, but as I was cleaning it out this weekend I discovered that the bag cartridge had caused the breakage - the bag was stuck inside the cartridge and hadn't released as I turned the wheel, which had caused it to stretch and break.

At $7-10 for each cartridge, having them malfunction is an issue for me.

I am giving it another shot, but may very well go bag to using plastic bags and dealing with a little odor.
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I have one and I love it. It hides the odor very well. When I change the bag completely after 2 weeks worth of stuff being in there I can't smell a thing. I've never had a bag break either. So far anyway
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I have one too and I think it's great. It really does hide the odour and it is so convinient! I have never had a bag break and it is all so easy. I would say that it is well worth having.
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Just a cheaper suggestion, if you want to try it (it works for me- my DH would die if we got another "diaper pail", as we finally on the verge of getting to put away our daughters ).

I have a "pop top" (push the button on the front of the lid rim, and the lid pops up) medium size trash can, and I have a roll of scented trash bags (they may have some kind of odor control stuff in them- I threw the box away...) that I leave the roll in the bottom of the can, and just pull the first one up to use in the can (still attatched to the roll). Then I scoop the litterbox, tie a knot in that first bag, tear it off the next bag, and drop it back into the next bag. If it's time to take it out, I just double bag it like that and take it out. If it's not anywhere near full, I leave it and shut the lid, and shockingly, no odor problems, even when I open the can again.
(I use the Tidy Cat multi cat scoop with crystals, so that may be helping too. Walmart makes a version of that in a bag of their Special Kitty- other than being a little dustier, it has worked surprisingly well, at half the price- with 4 cats using the same 2 boxes... )
Good luck, whatever you decide to do!
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Im not a huge fan of mine! Sometimes it seems to be more work and frustration then simply using a plastic bag!
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Going from an apartment where I could dump the baggies daily (and considering the size and other smells in the dumpster, the smell wasn't an issue), to trash pick up once a week...yes, I got the litter locker. I really like mine. With 4 cats, I have to take out the contents weekly, and it is full weekly, but it really has worked great for me.

Also, another suggestion if you do get one... Order the refills online. This is the cheapest I've seen: at $5.49, and if you order multiples the shipping isn't bad at all. Also, use some sort of deoderizer in the bag - I use Tidy Cats Litterbox Deoderizer, but I've also heard someone here recommend just straight baking soda. That controls the little bit of odor from the unit itself.
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I have one also for two cats. It works pretty good. It's just a hassle having to change every week because it gets a bit difficult to turn when it is about full capacity. I bought my litter lock from but after comparing prices with the refill, I ended up buying the refills from I figure I need to stock up, so I bought 7 from them at $6 each and it was free shipping & handling.

Ditto on the baking soda. I also put baking soda at the bottom of the litter box. Amazing what baking soda can do!
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I have one and it works great. When the turn gets really tight, open it, snip it, tie it, and throw it away and start all over again. It's pretty easy to know and learn. Also keep an eye on the cannister between the empying to know when you're near the end.
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I have 4 and I Love them, never had any issues, I also get the refills at
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Thanks for all the good advice, I've still not decided but its good to know all this info.
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i have one and empty it about once a week it does a pretty good job containing odors - just don't put it in where the sun is!
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