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I have noticed lately that Kiki is shedding like crazy. It is really bothering my allergies. It has never affected me before. I brush her two times a day to cut down on the hair. I use two different kinds of brushes. One is finer than the other. What does everyone else do and use? Is there a great product out there that I need to get?
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Hi Nicki

I am going to move this to the care and grooming forum for you.
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The allergy is caused by the skin that kitty sheds not the hair. The more you brush your cat the more skin cells (called dander) are shed. Bathing should help!
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Sorry about that Hissy, thanks for moving it to the right place!
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No problem! Some tips for giving kitty a bath. Cycle towels in the dryer while you are bathing so kitty can be dried with nice warm towels. Bathe kitty in a bucket, with just enough water to get half of her wet. The bucket should be deep enough where she can cling to the sides, it makes them feel safer, plus the deep sides keeps the heat from the water in and the water does not chill quickly.

Clip her claws before starting this, and prepare to get quite wet yourself. Don't use harsh shampoos on her and hold her in your arms when she is done in the warm towels till her trembling stops. Oh and don't get water in her ears, can cause a bad infection sometimes.
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Thanks for the info.

I gave Kiki a bath. It was quite a job!!!!!

I have noticed a big difference. I guess I am going to have to do it more often.
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