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How to fatten up an itty bitty kitty?

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My little Gibbons is just sooooo painfully thin, his bones can all be felt easily when we pet him. He gobbles any food we give him like theres no tomorrow, which is wonderful, and hes got a little belly on him now. When we first got him on Thursday, he was uncomfortable sitting on the linoleum floor to eat his food, due to his extreme thinness, and he now has his bowls on a big soft towel.

I'd like to know what I can give him that will put some meat on his bones as quickly as possible. I'm going to the Vet on Tuesday to get him some Science Diet kitten food and KMR (they were all out when I went Friday and are closed until Tuesday due to holidays here) What else would be of benefit to the little guy?

He keeps trying to crunch up Onyx's hard food that we leave out all day, but it seems to be too much for his tiny teeth. Will he be ok eating just the wet Science Diet for now? I'm hoping to switch him over to the dry by soaking it in either KMR or water as he gets a little bigger.

Any advice? :rainbow:
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When you switch food, try to do it gradually or it'll probably upset his tummy. Soaking the dry food is best.

Your supermarket should carry nutritional yeast. If not, it is definitely available at health food stores, if there is one near you. Get the dry food wet and sprinkle it with nutritional yeast (so it sticks and he eats it). When you see the Vet, they might be able to provide you with Nutri-Cal. It comes in a tube and you spread a little bit of it on his paws or whiskers so he licks it off. (Thanks, Hissy!)

If he's eating wet food in the meantime, sprinkle the nutritional yeast on it, and gradually mix in soaked dry food so he transitions over several days.

Keep us posted! And I'm so glad you're keeping him!!!!!

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If he is still thin although he is eating, and if he has a belly, he might actually have intestinal parasites. Did you ever get him dewormed?
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