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My computer got stolen!

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I don't believe this! I couldn't update the site this past week because we didn't have access to our office floor (they were re-building the staircase). Now, on the first day that we have the stairs fixed, or rather on the first night - we had a break in! Two of our 3 computers were stolen, including the one that was my work computer!

Now, I have no access to my emails or my internet hosting accounts which means no updates for some time now! It would take me quite some time to regain access to everything as all my usernamers and passwords were stored on the work computer! Arrrrrrrgh!

At least I got the internet running on this computer (took all day to fix that) and I'll start working on things tonight...

Those burglars had a lot of nerve too! They broke into 8 (!!!) houses on our street last night! We got off cheaply with only the comps and some cash taken. Our next door neighbors lost both cars (the thieves found the keys in their study).

I'm afraid I won't be spending too long here these next few days (I promise to pop in at least once or twice a day though). I apologize for not updating the site for so long
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By the way - if anyone wants to reach me by email, I opened one in hotmail so I can use something until I regain access to my accoutns.


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Anne: What a P----R! I hope they catch the Ass responsible. It is a terrible feeling to be burglarized. Such a feelng of invasion. Luckily all they got was material things and no one was hurt, but I am still sorry for your loss. Wish there was some way to make it up to you.
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I'm sorry that happened to you. I hope they catch the people that did it.
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So sorry that you were robbed. It feels so awfull when someone has been in your things. But as threeleggedkat said at least no-one was hurt.
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what a bummer! I'm so sorry to hear about your breakin. I know that it is such a violation. hopefully they find the punks & get your stuff back.

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Anne!! how horrible, i'm sorry for the loss of your
computers, God knows i would lose my mind without mine, it
holds my sanity (and, i only have the one computer)

the bright side is, at least you didnt lose a car, or
something more, but, indeed, what a violation!


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Anne, So sorry to hear about your break-in. Such a terrible violation! Hope your things can be recovered.

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I am so sorry to hear about that. I sure hope they catch the people who did this. With any luck you may be able to get your stuff back.
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Your news is just horrible!!!! I sincerely hope they catch these people. Perhaps since they stole cars, there will be a better chance. I have been burglarized before. It makes you feel so violated. All my good thoughts are with you.
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Thank you for your nice words everyone. I don't think we'll ever get any of the stuff back - it's probably already in the Palestinian authority territory where our police don't go...

It wasn't actually our house that got broken into, but my parents-in-law's. We have a small house on their turf and ours was left unharmed (with two large dogs inside such a tiny house, I don't think anyone can break in ). I have an office room in my parents-in-law's house where I work, so that's where we kept 2 of our computers (the third one we have here inside our hosue). Those two got stolen.

We decided not to get a new computer, as we really can't afford one right now. Instead we'll upgrade this computer and add memory and a new hard disk.
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I'm very sorry to hear about the burglary. Where was everybody, that eight houses in the same neighborhood were broken into and nobody noticed? It sounds like a "neighborhood watch" is needed, but of course hindsight is futile.

I hope you can recover something via insurance, but all the work involved in replacing a computer system is frightening to contemplate! Best of luck; and I too am happy nobody was physically harmed by those criminals.

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Anne, I am so very, very, very sorry to hear of your news....I hope they catch the scoundrels who did it!!!!!!!!!
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