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Oh that is so sweet! She's a lucky little girl to have you!

I didnt have an opinion of them except I consider them quite unattractive. Then I muse that many animals with icky, yet important jobs, are unattractive or downright ugly (think vultures too). I've always respected the opossum's "job" in the animal kingdom.

I was raised by my hick dad and when I was a kid in the country of his hometown he found a momma opossum who had been hit by a car and killed presumably and her babies were clinging to her. My father brought the babies in and tried to save them, but to no avail unfortunately.

So...regardless of animal, I dont have much of an opinion, but now I think I appreciate opossum much more than I ever thought about before!
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Stephanie, you're such a good soul! I'll bet Buddi is just the cutest thing! Oh, and I think possums are quite the cuties, too
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Awww....that is so sweet that you've found Buddi a place to go & live with others of her kind! She'll be happy there & so will her babies.
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Aww! Congrats to the little possum momma. A little while back we found one in our kitchen cabinet (Yes in our kitchen LOL...I have no idea how it got there but there was a small hole in the back,,,we just didn't know that it lead to outside). There is a thread I posted about it somewhere on here.
It was a younger one and never showed any sign of agression towards us. When we looked in the cabinet it would just stare back at us. It was kind of cute.....but of course we didn't actually want one living with us. I was freaked out at first but my mom liked it and even fed it cat food...it never tried to come at her or anything it just sat there waiting patiently for its food. We kept it in there by putting duct tape on the doors and a chair in front. My dad ended up bringing his doberman over to try to scare it away and even then it didn't try to bite or anything...it just hid its head...and don't worry the dobe didn't hurt it...the dog could care less.(the dog was even scared of the cats) We ended up blocking it so no more possum visitor but it made me a little less scared of them. They are cool.... as long as the are outside.

I would much rather have that young possum than a coon.
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Speaking of possums, I saw a cat chasing one last night.... The possum got across the road and then the cat went the other way....
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts and cute opossum stories!
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