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Showing in the UK

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Hi, just wondering if anyone out thee is showing in the UK? If so with the GCCF or TICA? I am hoping to start showing Maisie once kittens have gone etc. I held back showing her as a kitten as although i am told she is a really good example, i was worried she's too shy. She seems to have come out of herself lots and is great being handled by the vet etc, so think we'll have a go in the future. Just wanted to see if anyone shows here and could share experiences / give advice?!
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Hi I don't show cats but just wanted to wish you good luck with Maisie? What breed is she?

You never really know whether a cat will be a good show cat until you try it out so I'd advise looking for a show near you at the right time and get her entered. Then you can see if you both enjoy it. If she's a pedigree then it would be best to check with her breeder that they are happy with her being shown (most breeders don't like poor examples of their breed appearing on the show bench) and s/he will also be able to offer you advice. If she's a non pedigree then she just needs to be in good health and up to date with vaccinations.

It's a long day at a show and the cats have to be in their pens by around 9am and have to stay there until the show closes at approx 5pm. So a show cat needs to be ok confined in a small space for all that time. They also need to be comfortable being handled by lots of strangers - how does Maisie react when you have visitors? Is she happy to be handled by them?

If you're showing at a GCCF show you will need a GCCF show kit as everything in the pen will need to be white (white blanket, white litter tray, food bowl etc). When you arrive at the show early in the morning you need to go through the vetting in procedure where a vet checks your cat for fleas etc and any obvious signs of ill health. You'll need to take along a vet certificate to prove she's up to date with vaccinations. Once you've got her settled in her pen you will have to leave the hall for several hours while the judging gets underway. This is aimed at it all being anonymous and the judges not knowing who owns which cat (not sure that really works - I think judges get to know the cats anyway). It's in the GCCF rules that you aren't allowed to advertise your presence at a show, so if you do enter her into a GCCF show you will need to be careful about telling people! At GCCF shows the judges go around the pens and judge them there rather than in rings or on stage, the exception to this being the Supreme show which is a bit different. You'll be able to return to the hall about midday when the public will be allowed in also. Your cat will still need to stay there until the end of the day, even if she's not being judged in any further classes.

In FIFe shows you don't have to leave the hall, the show kit doesn't have to be all white and you present your own cat to the judge and watch it being judged. When your cat's number is called you take your cat up to the judge. I imagine you have to go through the same vetting in procedure as at a GCCF show. I dont' know how TICA works.

But as I said - the only way to find out if you enjoy it is to try it.
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Thanks for your reply, I think you're right about the just trying it! Maisie is a British Shorthair (tortieshell). Her breeder really wants me to show her, as she's apparently definitely show quality. Shes having kittens soon so we have to wait a while anyway. Shes good with visitors although the least outgoing cat I have. Shes more calm than any of the friendly ones at the vet though. My boy alfie freaks out totaly and sometimes needs sedating, whereas shes really well behaved. You'd think it would be the othe way round if you only met them at my house! So, I guess maybe i'll try a local one at some point in the future. I have been to the supreme to look round but i hear some of the smaller ones are quite different and less daunting?
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Yes - the supreme show is totally different to any other GCCF show I've been to. Apart from the size, it's all done very differently. Smaller, local shows are usually held in leisure centre/church halls and are much less daunting.

When you have visitors around I'd encourage them to handle Maisie to see how she reacts when they touch her mouth or lift her off the floor (though perhaps not while she's pregnant! ). Perhaps you could arrange to go to a show that Maisie's breeder is going to when Maisie's had her kittens and is ready for a show, then she can help and advise you throughout the day.
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He he yeah not the best time to pick her up. To be fair shes getting lots of attention at the moment as everyone who comes round wants to feel her belly etc, so much so i have to put her in another room for her sake!!

I think i will try to go to a show with her breeder, thats a really good idea. That way at least I'll be less stressed!!!
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I've shown quite a bit under gccf but I'm up North otherwise would have loved to come along and show you the ropes. You will need a full set of whites, as the other person said, you can order these online from purrsonaltouch.com. They are reasonably priced and efficient. For my first show, the breeder came along even though she wasnt showing herself, I found it really helpful and reassuring.

The gccf website has a list of all shows, so you can find one in your area from that but bear in mind you will need to apply for a schedule about 2 months in advance in order not to missing the closing date.

Hope this helps and good luck with your first one, they are very exciting and a great day out.

Saynamore Persians
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Sorry only just read your reply. Thanks that's really nice. I have spoken to Maisie's breeder and she is more than happy to come with me. She popped round again the other day as she hadn't seen her for a few months. She said she is confident she will do well, so we'll just have to see how she takes to it (and me!!) I worry that it will stress her out, but I guess I have to try to find out. Not for a little while yet anyway, as kittens still on the way! I'll probably be asking for advice nearer the time though if that's ok?!
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