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I think we are getting closer

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I just thought I would share some pics of my Boo with you. I think she will be delivering within the next 5 - 10 days.

She has started nesting a little, Has been following me around shouting at me and constantly sits by my feet. She has also got much bigger in the last week with the babies looking like they are dancing the night away in her big furry belly.

Here she is

And just so my boy doesnt feel like she is getting all the attention Here is Gizzy

Things seem to be right on track at the min, Momma is healthy and happy and pretty settled so its now just the waiting game!!
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She has gotten Bigger.

Keep checking her backend,For her mucas plug.

Cally was shouting at me the day she was in labor also,She would follow me around,I had to sit infront of her box with her.

Im sending vibes your way on a safe delivery,and healthy kittens!
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Yeah im gonna keep watching her. It is actually her second litter and she was exactly the same with her first. For a week before she had them she was clingy but the day she went into labour she was super clingy and i spent about 6 hours just sat on the floor outside her box as she wasnt happy when i moved. She only lost her plug about 30 mins before the first kitten arrived.

This will be her last litter though. I have pre paid with the vet to get her fixed as soon as the kittens have stopped feeding. Vet said he will do it from 8 weeks after the birth.

She is doing really well though and i cant wait to see these babies. Gizzy my ginger boy above is one of the kittens from her litter last summer and he is a lovely cat.
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Will you be keeping a kitten from her last litter?
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oh if I could I would keep them all but im afraid that my hubby drew the line at 2.....

Saying that though he said no to keeping Gizzy but how can not fall in love with them when they are so cute and fluffy......LOL Im hoping he wont notice that they all dont move out when its time for them to leave.
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Well what a night we had last night.......We are definately nearly there.

Boo decided that I shouldnt sleep and I should be up keeping her company. She isnt normally a very vocal cat but everytime i tried to sleep she would jump up on the bed and just shout until I got up again. She has been incredibly restless and spent a lot of time in her box last night digging around making it how she wants it. She also didnt eat her dinner or supper last night so she is definately off her food. She has also refused breakfast this morning and is still following me around demanding I do nothing but sit with her.

I dont know how im going to get anything done until she has these kittens....

Hopefully it will be soon. LOL

Knowing Boo she will decide to wait a few more days now.
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Ah the joys of the waiting game lol....

It sounds like time is approaching close though! So best of luck with everything!

Any discharge? She licking her private bits? Any contractions?
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aww Boo is looking a big girl now she is a very pretty girl and those babies are gonna be sooooo...ooooo cute she's certainly keeping you on your toes

Lots of soothing & calming birthing (((((( vibes )))))) coming your way

Gizzy is a handsome fella too
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Well I knew something was happening....I just got back from school run and there was a beautiful black and white baby waiting for me. She has just had baby number 2 who is red. oooo Im so excited. She is doing a wonderful job
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