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Male cat problem?

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First off, I'm not trying to be distasteful or anything so forgive me if this is offensive.
I adopted a male cat yesterday. I have several cats already and I have had male cats but I have never seen this happen.
I was petting him, in an appropriate way of course and not in any personal areas, and he appeared to have a male reaction. My concern is that perhaps he is not neutered as I was told he is?
I have never had any of my male cats "have their little friend come out of hiding" so that's why I ask.
The cats is about 5-6 months old and according to his papers was neutered earlier this month.
Thank you in advance for your help and I'm sorry if this is not an appropriate question.

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Just what denomination is your cat?
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I'm sorry, I don't know what you mean.
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It's not inappropriate, don't worry.

Neutered males are capable of an erection. Sometimes, you never see it. Sometimes you may only see it when they are cleaning/grooming it. Also, given the fact that he was just neutered, he does still have those male hormones. It takes around a month for the hormones to cool down. But his equipment will still work...but he'll be lacking the the hormones, urges, behaviors, and ability to imprengnate a female.

ETA: my cats are undecided on their "denomination" I don't understand that either.
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All neutered cats 'show' occasionally - sometimes when grooming themselves, sometimes as part of dominance behaviour or just if they are having fun! Wellington, currently my only neutered male, has a reaction when he is kneading on me sometimes. He also actually tries to mate from time to time, but of course can't.
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Originally Posted by ahem View Post
Just what denomination is your cat?
Sorry but that made my laugh

Radar was neutered months ago and still occasionally 'shows'
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A couple of months ago I was petting Tomas and looked down to see him..... I looked up at his face and said "Well, it's certainly time to get you neutered" off to the vet he went a couple days later.
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