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I know you will miss Boog, but it is a wonderful thing you did for her. It sounds like you found her a great new mommy. What an emotional week for you and Gary. (He sounds a lot like my s/o Dan. When we had our cat Tara put to sleep, he cried as much as I did. Possibly more, since I quickly came to the conclusion I had to be the strong one.)

I really admire you and your hubby and what you're doing to help your feline family.
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It was the best thing for Boog! I know how tough it must have been for you but you are doing such important work in re-homing these cats! Great job!
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I got this e-mail from Booger's new mom last night:

Boog is laying next to me as I type this email. She has been to the vet just to make sure all her worms were gone after she had her last pill. She got a clean bill of health. Everyone at the vet really loved her.

She is blending in very well. She hissed at one of my cats but I think that is because he spooked her, but no fights and she is getting along quite well. She is quite the sweetheart. Loves to sleep on the bed, but we are having some discussions at 3 or 4 am as I don't feel the need to be lovey at that hour. She seems to be appeased with a gentle scratch and a gentle no. As long as she is near she seems to be quite happy. I leave her in the sun room during the day while I am gone just to make sure there aren't any fights or disagreements and then when I get home she watches TV and relaxes with me. Of course she needs her daily dose of love and attention but she is learning that she can't type so I will send all the emails.

She doesn't seem to be upset about not going outside so that is a good sign. She is eating well and enjoying her cat tree. She does like to sit on the love seat in the sun room and watch the squirrels and stare outside. But she doesn't cry or try to get out so I am guessing she is content to be inside and getting lots of love and attention when her new mommy comes home from work.

I have a four day weekend coming up so she will get lots of time with me. I think we are both looking forward to spending lots of time together and sleeping in.

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Laurie, that is so thoughtful of her write to give you an update like that. I think you found Booger the perfect home and mommy.
I'm so happy for you and Booger.
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Aww that is soo great! I am so happy for Booger and you!
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Yippeee Skipppeee!
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After everything you guys have gone through, at least you know for sure that you have placed 2 cats into very loving homes. Boog sounds like she is happy as a clam with her new Mommy, and Mommy sounds happy too. What a great ending for Boog - she really does have a purrfect life.
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Laurie, That is such good news.

I am rellay happy for you and Booger
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What a huge relief that must be for you and Gary. To know little Booger is safe and happy in her new home. It sounds like she's settling in a treat.

Excellent news!!!!
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Laurie, That's wonderful! You must be in seventh heaven to know that Mommy and Rocki are both happy.
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