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Booger (Rocki) is Going to her Permanent Home Tues

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Well, Booger (Rocki) is the cat that started it all. I wrote about her in the essay contest. She's the one who rescued my hubby from a cat-hating fate.

We rescued Lazlo and Shelly before we considered bringing Boog inside full time, and well, we had to make the hard decision to find her a permanent home. She is fiercely independent and a strong survivor. But she is so sweet and such a love. I'm writing a letter to the woman adopting her - she needs a heavy blanket for her lap because Booger DROOLS and KNEADS when petted! And she wants love for hours. Of course, I'm sure her nails will be clipped, but because she lived outside, we never clipped them - and they are SHARP!

She is leaving NJ for Portland, OR on Tuesday. Maine Coon Rescue has done a fabulous job, and has found her transportation. We just have to get her to the Philadelphia airport, and she goes from there.

I love my Booger cat so much, and I am going to miss her very, very much. I've agonized over this and got lots of support from all who visit the feral forum. I'm crying as I write this and Gary's going to have to force me to hand her over, I'm sure (despite the fairly recent back surgery!).

But I wanted to share my Booger cat with all of you. We took this pic today. I look terrible, but I don't care.
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Aww Laurie!! Don't be too upset or you'll start me off!!!
Booger looks absolutely beautiful!! And so do you!! (I wish I looked like that when I look "awful"!!!! )
It must be so difficult for you, but you've done a wonderful job and are about to make two lives, very very happy!! (Booger and the new owner)
I know Booger is extrememly grateful to you for everything you've done for her.
Cheer up love, you're doing a wonderful thing!!
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PS, let us all know how she settles in her new home!!
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Oh, Laurie, this must be so bittersweet for you, having to give up Boog, but to a good loving home. I hope you know that my thoughts are with you and Gary and Boog today. Take care of yourself!

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Just think of all the love Boog is going to get and that will help get you thru!
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Don't forget to tell the lady to post pics on here!
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Myste - that's a great suggestion! I was going to mention TCS in my letter to her (of course), but it hadn't occurred to me to suggest that - what a great idea.

There has been a hitch, so Boog won't be going tomorrow - I think this is a regular run for this flight attendant, so I don't know if it'll be later this week or next week - but the good news (for me) is that I might get to spend another week with Boog.

The bad news is our car broke down, and it won't be fixed until tomorrow afternoon. Which means we can't get Booger to the Vet today to get her health certificate (necessary for flying) - we live in a remote area and there are no Taxis we can use that won't cost an absorbitant (Sp?) amount, and as the RV Park office is closed and there are no neighbors around, we have no one from which to bum a ride. We also wouldn't be able to get her to the airport tomorrow. So it'll have to wait until the next time the woman flies to Portland.

Thank you all so much for reminding me that I'm doing the right thing. I've told everyone on here that I don't think I could foster - and I'm right! We kept Munchkin ( ), and I'm having such a hard time with letting Booger go. But at least I have time now to say my good-byes. Finding out Saturday that she was leaving Tues was kind of a shock. So this is one time that I'm glad we've had car problems! It bought me at least a few more days with my Booger girl.
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Laurie, I'm sorry about your car problems, but perhaps someone out (up) there is giving you a bit more time with Boog. She is a real beauty! I'm sure Debbie will love her every bit as much as you do. I don't know if this is good protocol when adopting out a cat, but I would also include in your letter to be sure to contact you if for any reason it doesn't work out, that you have options in her area of people who would take her.

Cherish your first girl in the time you have left with her, and like I said in the Feral's thread, reassure her and yourself that she is going to a loving home where she can be spoiled rotten like she should be.
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Laurie...this story is breaking my heart! That is the exact reason why I don't think I could foster. I would never be able to let them go!

My heart aches for you...but my mind says you are doing the right thing for Boog. Please tell her new family about us so they can share Booger's adventures with us all.
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The Latest Update

I am SOOOO relieved. You know, everything DOES happen for a reason, even if it is not apparent to us at the moment.

First of all, Maine Coon Rescue is not mad. (Phew!). Second of all, I found out the previously planned itinerary. It wasn't a direct flight! Booger would have had to travel to Dallas, spend the night at the flight attendant's home, and then fly to Portland. For cats living inside who like people, that might work - but not my Boog!

Although no one likes to fly their cats cargo, I've gotten lots of great advice from members of TCS about how to do it. So now I've got to contact airlines and find her several direct flight options. I'll e-mail them to the MCR co-ordinator, who will forward them to her new mom. Once she picks a flight, I'll book it! Now I'll be able to get her the recommended (herbal) anxiety drops, etc.

I also found out that my MCR coordinator recommends that I write a letter to Boog's new mom, and the MCR lady is going to put us in touch via e-mail! Yeah!

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Laurie - I have been following the story of your cats for a while now, (and it makes me wonder why I am hesitating about adding a second cat to my household!) This thread, and the photo of you with Booger made me cry - tears pouring down my face.

But then I am also reading about how happy people are with their new family members, and I am imagining how much love your wonderful cat will bring to her new family. I did go and look in the feral forum, and from the description there, it sounds like you have found a really wonderful home. Doesn't make giving her up any easier, but at least you won't have to wonder how she is doing.

Janet (Sam's mom)
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Calra, that's a brilliant idea. It would be SO cool if Booger's new mummy could continue his story for us all at TCS.

It's like we feel we know him and have become attached to him and it would be lovely to know how he's settling in Oregon and what he gets up to!
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Laurie, You have already received some wonderful thoughts from our friends. I don't know what's left to say. We have all become attached to Rocki, the beautiful cat who won all of our hearts. I wish it was reasonable for you to keep all the cats who have come to you for help, but it just isn't. So, you had to weigh the costs,
no home, no special people to love, and a cage for
Rocki against the inevitable sadness you are suffering. In your case, there was no choice. My heart goes out to you. God bless you for caring for his special little creatures. You are one of His earthly agents.

All things bright and beautiful,
All creatures great and small,
All things wise and wonderful,
The Lord God made them all.

by Cecil Frances Alexander
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Laurie, my heart goes out to you! But you ARE doing the right thing!

I'm glad you found out about the flight in time and that she'll be flying direct after all. It's important to keep the stress level as low as possible.

Give her one more kiss and hug from me will you?

And both of you look georgeous! I can only echo Rhea here - wish I looked on a good day like you look in that picture
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Aw...you guys are so sweet! I guess today's a crying day. I think the sleep deprivation is contributing. There's been a bout of sleeplessness mentioned in the Daily Thread - I must have caught it.

Janet - all I can say is GO FOR IT! We're all here to help if there are problems, and with a little reading on this site (or even just a post and wait for replies) you'll have all the tips you need to make the introduction go smoothly.

We thought Booger wanted to be just "one cat" - even outside. But after a month or so, she let the kittens eat out of her bowl, she lets them rub up against her. Whenever she's had enough she lets them know with a growl or a swat - but no harm is ever done by her. She certainly surprised us! And while I'm sure Lazlo would have been happy as an alone inside kitty, he so enjoys having a pal around. We take them everywhere together - if one has to go to the Vet, we take them both, and they curl up together. Even introducing little Munchkin. It seemed kind of touch-and-go there at first - but it's truly amazing how it's changed them. They both strut around here, tails up - and both of the boys are more loving than they used to be! I mean it!!!

...and Lazlo always bolts for his crate (next to the bed) when something freaks him out (a lawnmower, a large rig driving by, a storm, etc.). I don't know what it was that set it off this morning - but we noticed we couldn't see Lazlo OR Munchkin. We poked around all their places (because we hadn't heard anything that would have set them off) - but the last place we checked was the crate - and there were Lazlo and Munchkin curled up together! She's never been in Laz's crate before.

There is no doubt that there are some cats that need to be single cats. But I guess that is the rare case. After the first few unsettling days or weeks, I think most become "friends" and are glad to have a pal around during those sometimes long hours we're all out at work.

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I sent a long list of dates and times for direct flights from Newark to Portland on which we can ship Boog.

The MCR Coodinator wrote back quickly, just to let me know she was already aware that if Boog doesn't go to Portland before the 22nd, then it can't be until the first week of December (I didn't send info THAT far out!).

I bummed when I heard that. If Debbie is traveling, why would she even want to have Boog shipped out there before the first week of December? I HATE not being in direct contact already. It's like playing grapevine - and I hear stuff like this and I now have to question this lady's judgment!

Any way, there's a really small chance but.... Gary and I have been interviewing with a Portland based firm. IF we get to that point in negotiations, the first week of December is probaby when we'd have to fly out to corporate.... So there's a slight chance we can take her ourselves! Then I can meet this Debbie - and see if Boog is staying with her - or going directly to Mary Anne's!!!

Either way, at least I've ordered the Pet Nutridrops for the flight, and now I've had time to get everything I need for her to travel.

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Gosh, Laurie, what a roller coaster! It does make you wonder a bit, about the lady going out of town...maybe it's nothing, and maybe we are all just too protective. That would be so cool if you could take her out there yourself! Regardless, you could still meet Mary Anne somewhere, I bet.
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That would be wonderful to meet you and Gary and your family. Again, I will be happy to take Boog anytime. Sounds like quite a hodgepodge of chaos going on for this poor kitty. But hey, if it means I get to meet you two and show you my world that would be wonderful! I can also meet you somewhere if you can't quite make it out here to me.

Good luck with all of this- no wonder you started smoking again!
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Thank God Boog doesn't know any of this is going on!!!! It's business as usual for her.

Strange thing is... I haven't heard back from anyone about my question.

I think I figured out the problem. I don't think my MCR co-ordinator is in direct contact with Boog's potential new mom. I think a different MCR co-ordinator is in touch with the "adopter." So this is kind of like a game of "telephone."

Should I just as my MCR co-ordinator to have the potential adopter contact me directly? It doesn't hurt to ask, does it?
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You may as well ask, sounds like it would be a lot easier for everyone if the 2 of you spoke to each other directly.

After reading your post about Booger, my heart goes out to you and Gary and I hope knowing that the wonderful thing you have done for her by taking her in and being able to give her a new loving home eases some of your pain.

All the best to you

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Laurie, I think that would be the ideal. I'm sure being able to talk with her personally would probably alleviate fears you have about Boog's new home, as well as being able to really get the travel arrangements set up. Then you can also find out the answers to your questions that the adoption agency may or may not have asked.

It never hurts to ask.
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Well, I asked Kathy (the Maine Coon Rescue coordinator) if it might be easier just to put Debbie (the adopter) and I in touch. Kathy e-mailed Debbie and "cc'd" me. I got an e-mail from Debbie earlier today.

It was a wonderful note! But it presents a whole new nest of problems.

Debbie wrote: Laurie, Actually weekends work best for me. It makes it easier as I don't have to try and work around my bosses schedule. However I will be there anytime you can get her here.

I am sure she will be very overwhelmed but I can
assure you I will do my best to put her at ease. Just to let you know the plan for her when she arrives:

She will spend the first couple of weeks alone with me in my bedroom until she shows me she is ready to brave the rest of the house (and the menagery that live there). This will be strictly up to Booger as I want to make sure she is secure and comfortable before I expose her to anymore. She will have windows to look out of, plenty of food and water at her disposal and her own litter box. She will have her choice of sleeping on the bed or anywhere else she so chooses. I am in the process of buying a bigger bed because frankly I am getting crowded out on my queen size bed now. Funny how animals are. They don't mind if you are crowded as long as they get a spot next to you. So between the dog, and 4 cats it gets pretty slim
pickin's unless I get there first.

Please let me know if there is anything else I need to get before her arrival so that she is more
comfortable.Is she only outside now or does she live inside with you and your husband? Is she litterbox trained? If so what type of litter are you using.

I was led to believe that Boog was going to be the only cat - the only pet, in fact, for a woman who had a lot of experience in fostering.

But Maine Coon Rescue has clearly not got info straight - either to me or to Debbie! I couldn't have made it clearer to MCR that Boog is an outside cat and will need to be litterbox trained. She knew I wanted Boog to be in a one cat home.

I've got to follow my heart, right? Debbie sounds nice and considerate - if she didn't have a dog, I'd probably consider it. Boog gets along just fine with all the cats outside, so I'm not worried about her joining other cats. But she has been terrorized by the dogs that roam here (as have all the cats), so I am less than thrilled about sending her 3,500 miles to join a household that has a dog in it. If this were an emergency rescue situation, that would be one thing. But even though Boog lives outside - she's built for it! She's a MAINE COON cat. And we've created great shelters for them...

Gosh Darn it!!!!!!

Any thoughts? I could use some input. I've gone in too many circles about this now!

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I would keep looking as long as you have that time frame window open. I know you will find the right home for Boog- a one-cat household where she can be spoiled beyond belief.
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I say follow your heart. If you decide to go with a person you are not 100% sure of, you'll never be happy with your decision. I'm sure the perfect situation is out there for Booger, you just haven't found it yet. I don't have to tell you that having companion animals is a big responsibility, and you have every right to back out if you think the foster situation is not a responsible one.

Oh, heck, what I'm trying to say is that it sounds to me like you are unhappy with this situation and don't want to send your Boog there. You have every right to back out if it feels wrong to you.

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Thank you so much. I'm just so...disappointed. And kind of mad, actually! I was tempted to write an emotional note. I'm having serious doubts about just what this MCR co-ordinator is doing, and I certainly don't trust her judgment any more. It seems like she's just not paying attention to what she's doing. But calm prevailed, and I THINK I made my problems known without directly insulting her....

Hi Kathy! Hate to be a pain in the a$$ all the time, but I got a really nice note from Debbie this morning. She addressed it to you too, so I
assume you've seen it. I was a little surprised (to say the least) when I got her note... I was under the impression that Booger was going to be
the only cat - the only pet. It wasn't clear - I thought maybe at most there was one other cat in the home. I feel really, really strange about sending Booger 3,500 miles away to a new home that has four other cats and a dog. Now that Booger gets along with the other kitties outside, I don't feel so uncomfortable knowing there will be other cats in the house, but..... a dog? I know many cats and dogs that get along just fine - but there are two dogs that roam this property, and they
terrorize the cats when they get the chance. I'm really less than thrilled about Booger joining a home with a dog.

If this were an emergency rescue situation, I'm sure I would feel differently. But she is happy here, even though she is not an inside cat. We have provided a warm shelter for the cats outside, and Booger is, after all, a Maine Coon - she's built to handle the cold weather.

Kathy, I have to follow my heart. Had I known that we were talking about adopting her to someone with so many pets already (including a dog), I'm quite sure we wouldn't have gotten this far along. I don't know what to say other than... I'm having very, very, very serious reservations. Debbie seems like a wonderful woman, but at this point in
time it's really got nothing to do with her at all. I have not written to Debbie, and I don't know what to do or say. I feel very uncomfortable. I hate to "undo" all the work you've done - but....somehow Debbie doesn't seem to know that Booger is an outside cat that will have to be trained to use the litterbox. Debbie seems fine if that's the case, but I'm still worried about the dog. If Debbie lived a 3 or 4 hour drive from here that would be one thing. If things didn't work out between Booger and the dog we could simply come get her. But this is an entirely different proposition.

Any thoughts about what I should do?


So... I think I expressed my concerns about the lack of info, etc. without actually offending her.

We'll see.


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Laurie, I agree with what you have said to the MCR person. Booger is living in an acceptable situation with you - she has caregivers that love her, and she is being looked out for. And you will be able to keep her warm, fed, and happy during the winter. You are looking for a better situation. This does not sound better to me. I would think that Booger will be very stressed out with all of the changes, and will need someone to be with her during the day when she first gets to her new home. Do you want her to have to become an indoor only cat? Is that an improvement over what you have to offer her? I just have an awful feeling about her running away and becomine a stray cat again. I am sure that you are heart broken about all of this, but I am also sure that the right solution will come along. It seemed providential that the first arrangement for transportation did not work out. Thank goodness for your car problems!

Janet (Sam's Mom)
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Laurie - that was a well written message that should get your point across. The important thing is Boog and getting her the best possible home. Follow your heart.
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Gosh Laurie. It's a good thing that poor Boog doesn't know everything that's going on. I really feel for you and Debbie. I'm sure she will be heartbroken too if this doesn't work out. It does seem that she has no idea what the real situation with Boog is, though. Two hours is not going to be enough to get her used to a new person and new place. It could take weeks!

Hugs, some more, for you, Gary and Booger.
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Well - who needs a soap opera when you have a Booger?

Really, this just gets weirder and weirder! Check this out:

Kathy, the Maine Coon Rescue Co-ordinator replied to my e-mail with this:
Remember when I said that sometimes I feel more comfortable doing things myself? And that I felt that no one could care for Booger like I can? Well, I have done a lot of thinking for the last few days, and have decided that I would like to
adopt Booger. I just feel that I would be the perfect home for her. Please consider letting me adopt her. We have several people in that area who could pick Booger up, and get her directly to me. I would be honored if you would let me
do that. Please let me know your thoughts. I also think, however, that Debbie would make a wonderful home for Boog. She's had many fosters, and several cats, and her dog is so "cat friendly." Please let me know what you would like me to do. Thanks.
I think I'm going nuts.

I hate to say it, but I'm really at a loss for what to do here. I'm rarely speachless (!) but this has achieved it. I don't know anything about Kathy or her home. Well - not nothing. I know she's a teacher, I know she has several kids - at least one of them a teen and at least one that is nine - I know it is ALWAYS nuts over at her house, because each time I speak with her it sounds like insanity is going on. I know she has at least one cat - but...?

And I am worried about Boog becoming a stray again. If I knew we were never leaving here, I wouldn't be looking for a home for her. But I know we're going to pack up the R.V. at SOME point in the future, so there will be no one here to take care of the furbabies outside. We pay someone to do it when we travel - but there's no way if we leave we can continue to do that, and even then there's no guarantee this woman would even bother. She doesn't much care for cats, so I wouldn't trust it.

I've contacted three no-kill shelters around here and three foster placement adoption organizations to help with the three outside kittens. The fourth will become a barn cat.

The sad thing is Gary just trapped another one - apparently 5 - 6 months old. She has only one kidney (genetic thing around here apparently). Docs say you just can't tell how she'll do, but there's no medication or anything she needs...

I wish I could win the lottery so we could just by a home around here, relocate all the outside furbabies and become a cat ranch!

But back to reality.... and I'm just at a loss. I feel tempted to lie to Kathy and to tell her we've found someone local after all - I don't want Boog moving into some insane asylum! I can ask the current agencies we're in touch with to help us with Boog too.

...or maybe I should just reply to Debbie's e-mail (the potential adopter in OR) and see what happens. And I guess I should write Kathy back and say... I don't know what. I just know that honesty, after all, is the best policy. But how to do that without offending her....


Not so speachless after all, hunh?
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You're right, this is a soap opera!

I don't know what to say, guess I'm speachless too! (Rarity at best!)

I guess what I think I would do is email Debbie and let her know your concerns - not that you don't want her to have Boog, but that these are the things that concern you about her situation. See what her response is. Then you can consider Kathy's offer if Debbie doesn't work out. Only consider one offer at a time. You'll go nuts if you think about more!
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