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2 pound 8-9 year old cat

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Hi, we recently took in 2 cats. My roommate's hs friend's parents had 7 animals. ALL the other animals were healthy accept for one of the cats, the 8or 9 year old one. They gave us her and a cat who is 7 month to a year old. The unhealthy one, B, was skin and bones. They had told us that she only eats table scaps and she wont eat cat food. When we got her home, we put her and the other cat, S, into the bedroom since we have 4 other cats. B ate kitten food just fine and we thought maybe she was just having problems getting to the food in time and the other animals, including 4 dogs, were just eating it before she could. B's shots are all pretty much updated and she is fixed.

We have had them about a month now and she has hardly put on any weight, if any at all. She is always jumping up on the counters trying to eat food, though we have regular food out constantly. She goes INSAINE for real food or canned cat food. When she smells it, or is able to eat some, she attacks it like she hasnt ate for days. I do see her eating the regular cat food.

We had thought maybe she has worms, but none of the family's other animals had this problem, none of our pets have this problem, and there is no evidence of them in her bms. What else could this be? We had called the vet after we first got her and were told just to make sure she has food, but there is hardly if any at all weight gain... I am very worried about her. She has started to groom herself and sprawl out like she is comforetable here and not stressed, that took her about 2 weeks, but no weight gain. I will be taking her into the vet, but I just wanted some advice now, if anyone had any.
Thanks so much!
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ALSO! she sleeps with her eyes open. I just saw another post refering to this that maybe she is dehydrated, but we have constant water out too. I was thinking it was because living in a house with dogs and such, she did it to try and protect herself or something? If that makes any sense...
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I would call a different vet & get her seen. It could be any of a number of problems. Being her age, I would also do a senior blood panel. I really cannot offer any other advice. I'm just glad you took her in & hope with a vet's help you can figure this out!
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The vet I go to is actually REALLY REALLY good, but when I had called them after I first got her, I told them I thought she was just starved. My mom has been trying to prepare me that she might be dying. When we got her she had a terrible smell to her and a friend of mine said that B smelled like she was dying, but since, the smell has almost gone away. I have been too terrified to give her a bath so she still has a slight odor, but I figured it was sorta "left over" from when we first got her. She does not groom herself completely. It isnt terrible now, just a little off. I have tried to wash her down a bit, but she hates it and I didn't want to cause her any more stress.

What are different odors cats give off with different health issues? Does anyone know?
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My Ellie has been given regular carnitine to help her build up some flesh and muscle, as she was losing weight despite eating well. She is also on a convalescent food for a couple of months to see if that makes a difference. I would worm your cat though - you don't always see signs of worms. I agree with the blood panel - I had that done on Ellie to rule out other parasites and diabetes.
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The problem with any animal, or human even, is that during severe starvation the body runs out of fat to fuel itself on. Without food or fat it turns to using muscle mass, this can also cause organ damage.
I'm not saying your cat has organ damage but starvation can be serious and when to the extent of "skin and bones" as you put it, she needs serious vet help.

Make an appointment ASAP and as was suggested, get a full blood work up on her and have stool samples checked for parasites. It was very good of you to take this cat in. I hope she can pull through this, it certainly sounds like she's not ready to give up yet.

Let us know how the visit goes if you can.
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She needs to go to the vet for a full check - they can't determine much over the phone. There are many things that could be wrong - don't put that visit off.

Are you sure she hasn't gained any weight? Are you weighing her? One of my cats developed anorexia and she had dropped down to 6 lbs (and gee i thought that was bad!). I bought a baby scale and i now have a record of her weight gain over the months since she began to eat again, but that weight gain has been extremely slow - if i hadn't been weighing her every few days i don't think it would have become apparent until right about now that she was gaining - she's up past 7 lbs now, but she is just now no longer feeling painfully bony. It's taken about 4 months for her to gain that pound.
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I'm so sorry about your kitty. It could be many things wrong. Cancer comes to mind with the eating all the time and not gaining any weight. I remember my Mitten - he was a healthy 14 lb cat - and he got cancer at age 13. It was a fast acting one - he lost more then 1/2 his body weight in a short time - food would more/less go right thru him - he'd eat, but never gain weight.

I took him in the vet knowing that I would not be bringing him home alive. Hardest thing to do, but I couldn't let him suffer any more. By the time I took him in, he looked like skin and bones.

Cats can get cancer at any age. Not saying that's what is wrong, but its one of the possiblities.
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I too would suggest a vet check. Without seeing the cat, it is tough to diagnose anything.

My mother had a cat with a severe disease of the gums. She would eat but it was painful for her and she had a bad odor. This is something the vet can check out, too.

Please let us know what happens with her. What is her name?
It is so great you took this little one in
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My DSH had tartar buildup and it causes seriously stinky breath/mouth... even just sitting on my lap there for awhile I was like "good lord Noel, what were you into???" It's much better now that her teeth are clean, but it does cause some tenderness when they try to eat, so that might be part of her problem. That's something the vet can see just by looking in their mouth, the meantime you may consider adding some nutrical to her diet. It's a high calorie supplement. My vet recommended it for my kitten, because she was constipated and losing weight. Of course, *she* turned her nose up at it, but she's a raw baby. All other animals I've ever given it to seem to like it, especially dogs.
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Thank all of you so much for all your advice! I took her in today, I couldn't put it off another day. When we brought her in the vet said she had remembered talking to me, when she saw the cat she said omG I didn't know she was this small and was in awe. we did a snap test for feline lukemia and it was NEGATIVE! YAY! but it is looking a lot like feline hyperthyroidism. the vet is doing a full screen on her and had to keep her over night bc she is so small and there is another vet that has more experience with drawing blood on small cats and she is quite an agressive cat for bein so tiny. but im just so glad it isnt lukemia! you have no idea how happy i am, well i guess some of you might know but I am SO over excited about that. expecially with having 5 other cats who i found out today do not have their lukemia shots. sorry this was so long i am just so mixed with emotions. they said we will find out in 48 hours her blood results. i will definately keep you all updated. you are such great people!
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Also, just as a happier note. She is such an extremely loving cat, like no other. Her name is Bobbie. She butts your head to give you kisses and at the vet she sorta hid her face under my arm, she is a loving little girl and I know she isn't ready to give up either. She lays on me or my roommate all the time. The other night, she was laying on my chest and put one arm on each side of my neck... like a little hug. No matter what it is, I am going to do everything in my power to help her. She stole my lil heart
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I'm glad you got her to the vet & that she is FeLV-! That is a big worry of mine.

If it is hyperhtyroidism, it is easily treatable. Let us know when you get the results!
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The vet just called and said they got enough blood out of her to be tested. They are sending it out tomorrow morning. She is also going to stay there over night since she is doing fine. I am starting to feel guilt. How could I not have brought her in earlier? Time flew by so fast this past month and her fur did get softer and she seemed to be doing better. BLAH...
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I would try to look at what you are feeding? Be wary of anything they give you to feed her some of the foods vets have given out have even been in the recall!

she sounds like shes doing great, you should keep feeding her and have her wormed and stuff.
Go to for great food opitions
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Aww, she sounds so sweet! Keep us posted on Bobbie's health and good luck!
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