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I think he needs to see the V-E-T

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Well Jordan's constipation is not getting better. He is still pooping, but it seems like once a week he gets a bloated look to his tummy and it's sensitive and he doesn't want me to touch it. I hate taking him to the vet because he is so sassy when we are there, but I guess I'm going to have to. I thought about adding canned pumpkin to his diet, but I want him to see a vet before I do that. I'm just wondering what I should expect from a vet visit. Has anyone had experience with this?
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When I took Paisley to the vet for constipation, the vet felt her belly to confirm that her colon was indeed full, and then suggested xrays. The xrays were to rule out a foreign body (toys, strings, etc), which was likely given Paisley's age (11 months)...since young cats are more likely to eat weird things. She did not have any obstruction, though...except for the hard stool. So Paisley had an enema to remedy the situation. The bill for the office visit, 2 xrays, and enema was $119.
I made some adjustments to her diet and she hasn't had a recurrance.

When I took her in, she was constipated badly enough that she was vomiting and had some painful gas. Jordan may not be at that point...although I agree that the V-E-T is a good idea. How is his appetite?
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He's eating like a champ no throwing up. I can tell by his behavior when he's starting to get constipated & the vet taught me how to palpate the stomache when Smokey was sick. I don't think he has an obstruction or needs an enema, I'm just more worried that it seems to be a chronic problem. He will be 4 years ole next month and seems a little young to have this issue.
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Hmm, I don't know what kind of diet your fur-baby is on, but when my kitten came, we had a long few months go around with her constipation. We had to "paw" her with laxatone twice a day to ease her constipation. Mine is on a raw diet, though, and once she started eating cat grass, believe it or not.. we haven't had a problem since. The laxatone really helped though, while we were working through what all it wasn't, and while we were trying to get her diet balanced out. I lucked into buying a thingy of cat grass and the constipation was history. Thank goodness!

and best of luck with your four-footer!
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Well I called & made the appointment for Thursday evening. I have this feeling he's going to need to be sedated to get a good exam. He is sassy at home when I feel his tummy, I'm sure he's just going to be worse at the vets office. I get so upset whenever I have to take him to the vet. He's my baby & he gets so mad he's usually screaming. I'm hoping it isn't anything serious. Please send good throughts Jordan's way.
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and good vibes sent your way! Hope everything goes well for the furry one.
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My vet tells me that it's the ones you expect trouble from that usually behave the best. Hopefully that holds true for Jordan's appointment.
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Yeah, my little sweetheart angel cuttlekins.. the Marbled Menace (two speeds, zip-zip and off)...turns into a raging leopard at the vet... she never growled once until we took her to the vet, and then we brought her home and she continued to growl for three hours afterwards.

BTW, my vet assured me that it wouldn't hurt a cat to keep it on Laxatone, and you can pick it up at PetSmart, I think, for about $8 a tube.. might consider grabbing that and dosing Jordan's paws twice a day until Thursday.. sounds like there might be a bit of constipation there, and it might ease what's stuck. It worked for Joyeux, in any case.. and her tummy would get hard like that occasionally, and she'd be off her food.. and sensitive to having her tummy messed with. I don't think it would do any harm to try it, even if it doesn't relieve the problem.
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I should never have told him that he had to go to the vet on Thursday. Last night he had 2 bowel movements & his tummy is totaly back to normal. Oh well, I'm keeping the appointment because at least I can explain what was going on & maybe get some good advice on how to stop this from happening again.
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He knew your plans, didn't he? Hopefully the vet will have some good ideas on how to handle it in the future.
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