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Abymummy would be better. Charlie is an ocicat but has a lot of aby traits What specifically do you want to know about them?
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I want to know, the temperment, health issues, do's and don'ts- stuff like that.
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Um is anyone going to post?.

I'm coming this sunday my dads all better, things changed. Looking forwards to seeing anyone who shows up
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Well you know I'll be there. Scamperfarms was supposed to enter her cat, but has to work, so she's not sure if she will be able to stop by the show.
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Just give me a few more hours to recover and I'll answer all your questions!!!!
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Originally Posted by Panther pride View Post
I want to know, the temperment, health issues, do's and don'ts- stuff like that.

Abyssinians are:

Rascals but loving ones Keep all breakables in closed cupboards but since they are the Einsteins of the cat world, they'll figure out a way to open the doors anyway I have a good friend who loves to stay home just watching her Abys get into everything! Vertical challenges are a must. Horizontal challenges are boring! Very trainable when started at a young age.

Abys are dedicated to one human - in other words, a one human cat but will tolerate other humans in close contact with "their human". Do expect your Aby to be your bed partner. Abys just LOVE to be around their human and will follow you everywhere

Medium in size - no more than 10-14lbs for males and females are about 1/3 smaller.

Generally a healthy breed BUT as with all breeds they do have some medical concerns namely:

1. Pyruvase Kinrase Deficiency (Pk Def). Most breeders do NOT have cats with Pk def in their lines but some do. If considering an Aby, it would be best to ensure that the cattery does not have this in their lines. Like PKD in Persians and Exotics (predominantly) Pk def shortens the life span of Abyssinians.

2. Dental issues. A small percentage of Abyssinians DO have dental issues. It is recommended that you get your Aby's teeth checked on a regular basis and especially when they get halitosis (bad breath). It just means they will lose teeth faster than the norm. Please note I mean teeth, not gums.

3. Eye Issues. Really, NOT a major concern for me especially as a breeder. A tiny percentage of Abyssinians do develop eye problems as they grow older and I mean OLDER. There have been instances of cataracts and sores.

I hope this gives you a better basis of understanding.
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