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flying with 2 cats

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when any of you travel for a long vacation (over a month) do you ever just take ur cats with you? If so do you think 2 cats that get along extremly well (always cuddled up together) would be okay to fly in the same kennel? I cant seem to find any information on 2 cats at a time. I read that 2 dogs as long as they are under 30 pounds can be in the same kennel (maximum of 2) BUT nothing is talked about cats? Hell they dont even mention cats on the air canada web site~ ! All they talk about is dogs
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I would think as long as the kennel is big enough for them, they should be fine. I never flew with my cats, but I do know people that have. They usually get a mild setative from the vet and give it to them before they put them in their kennels. How long is the flight? You may also want to call the airline directly to see what their policy is on cats. Probably the same as dogs, but it doesn't hurt to make sure.

Good luck, and have a good time!
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hello its not going to be for a while but i guess iw as just looking into things extra early just to see if its possible/easier to travel with 2 cats per carrier. I imagine it would be extremly heavey though? I wonder if they have wheels?
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You can get carriers with wheels. I think I saw them in Dr Foster's catalog. My MIL gets the catalog so I don't have it in front of me, but I'll see if I can find a link.
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Here's one I found, but I know I saw one that was bigger. Maybe it was a different catalog. But, they are out there.

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Before having your kitties sedated, of course, you want to be very sure they're healthy enough to handle it, and not allergic at all. And even then, I'd be afraid of them waking up during the flight, being terrified, and taking out their fear on each other (as cats often do).

I've heard that it's sometimes possible to bring cats with you in carry-on carriers, which would certainly be safer for them, especially if the flight is long...
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