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The Munchkin Saga Continues!

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Well I'm starting to feel like we're the stars in a new cat soap opera or something.

1) Munchie had blood in her stool Friday. When it was still there Saturday, we whisked her off to the Vet.

It turns out it is most likely a severe infestation of worms. Which, of course, means that when she was at the hospital last week they didn't de-worm her!

2) During the exam, the Vet showed us that she was missing three baby teeth. Which, of course, means that the Vet who saw her last week was WRONG and the owner was RIGHT.

Munchie's not an 8-week old kitten. She IS stunted in her growth, and she is 5 1/2 - 6 months old, so she probably IS the missing sixth kitten!

...and when I was washing the kitchen floor Saturday evening - guess what I found? A little kitten tooth!

We have a bonsai cat!

Shelly was giving Munchie a bath, and Munchkin fell asleep:
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Awwwww what a cute pic

Sorry to hear about the worm problem and I hope she's ok now.
So she is older then and just small for her age...well there you go!
She's a very lucky kitty to have survived this long...and to now have found such caring people to look after her and give her a good home.
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OMG they are so sweet together - i am glad they are getting along now! At least Gary didn't kill the vet before you found out he was right! Hopefully she will gain in weight now that the worms are taken care of and she has a safe home life! I still want her so watch out if I am ever in your neck of the woods! LOL
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Good grief!! What drama!!
Thats sad about the wormys.. eww... poor baby!!

She is just such a cutie!! And now you know her age for pretty much definatre... hopefully things will stay ok!!
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Laurie - she's TINY. Poor little baby, she must have worked very hard at surviving on her own and it's taken it's toll.

I'm so happy she's found a good safe home now and you'll give her love, food and medical help when needed.
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She IS a survivor! It is truly amazing, and that's one of the reasons Gary is using with himself to "justify" keeping her despite our small space! (Like you need any justification for keeping a kitten or cat!)

The poor thing is NOT o.k.! She had blood in her stool STILL as of yesterday, and there were still live round worms! We called the Vet today - if there is still blood, we have to take her in tomorrow. Otherwise, they suggested we give her the next pill Friday instead of waiting three weeks.

Poor little baby! And although we shaved her bum, back of her legs and underneath her tail, she still manages to get the diarrhea all over her when she goes to the bathroom, so of course we have to clean her off. So I'm so scared that going to the bathroom is becoming something traumatic for her! We do our best to be quick and gentle, and she is a patient little thing, but my heart just aches for her.

(Sorry to be so graphic!)
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Poor little Munchie! I do hope the worming medicine works for her, and FAST! She is such a little doll, and so cute there with Shelly. Sending my "Get Well Soon" energy to the little girl.
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I hope Munchkin is feeling purrfectly fine soon! I LOVE the pic of Munchkin and Shelly. Soooo adorable! :tounge2:
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Awwwwww the poor little love
Well I hope she's feeling much better soon then. She's a lucky girl to have you guys to care for you and I'm sure she realises that
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looks like the tunnel of love to me!
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Poor little Munchie. At least she has you to take care of her
bad nasty wormies!
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Very cute picture! Sorry you have had to go thru all of this.
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Is Munchie any better today? Sending healthy vibes from Toronto.
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Munchie's acting much better as of yesterday. We completely freaked when there was STILL blood in her stool Tuesday night. We called the Vet again on an emergency basis - and he wanted us to give her antibiotics! The poor thing is suffering from such terrible diarrhea to begin with. So we just waited until yesterday morning to drive over to the Vets. We got her medication to treat diarrhea, and the Vet we like over there, Dr. Leal, agreed - IF there's an infection, treat it after the worms and bleeding (and diarrhea) are done with. Apparently the poor little thing had a MASSIVE infestation, and the round worms have suckers, which as they die apparently inflames the colon and causes the bleeding. As of last night there was no more blood (phew!), but we are to give her another round of worm medication tomorrow instead of in two weeks.

The poor, poor little girl. We are just so furious that they didn't give her the worm medication when she was in the hospital for several days several weeks ago!!!!

But if FINALLY looks like she's on the mend. She slept ALL DAY yesterday, and perked up last night. We had to get up a 4:00am this morning to head into New York city to the office. We fed them breakfast early, and she gobbled everything up, ate the other kids leftoevers - and was romping around with Shelly and Laz as we headed out the door.

We were so worried about leaving her - but she seems like she feels much better. Phew! We covered up the bed and pillows with old blankets - any mess she tracks around, at least we won't have to sleep with it!

(Sorry to be so graphic! How do you people with white carpets do it? Oh - I guess if you have a house you confine a sick kitten to one room.)

But it looks like she's going to be O.K. !!!! But the Vet that saw her last Saturday said that she was so bad off that in retrosepct (after the microscope exam of the sample we took in) the infecstation was SO bad it appears that she didn't have long to live. As he put it - she had probably four or five days to live.

Everything DOES happen for a reason! Gary is SUCH a proud daddy now. !!!!!
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OMG! I'm so glad you brought her in when you did. Someone was truly looking out for that little girl. Rest assured, she definitely has her own guardian angel.
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