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Chynna and Abby in the daylight :)

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I caught a couple pictures of my girls in the daylight...of course I woke them up, LOL

I'm still trying to get the hang of the flash thingy on the camera. I don't know how to turn it off Every setting I try seems to have a flash.

My old girl Chynna (15 years) in her favourite sleeping spot in the cupboard. She was surprised when I opened the cupboard door.

It took awhile for me to get her attention so that she was sort of looking at the camera, by this time she's blurry eyed and ready to go somewhere else more private to sleep, hehe

Finally my doll baby Abby (9 years in June). She loves to sleep on the dining room chairs. Her eyes used to be amber but over the years they have slowly changed to green.

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Aww, wonderful photos, they are both beautiful!
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Those two babies are tooo pretty!! and such good pics.
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They are very pretty.
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awe such beauties, and those pics are great They are such cuties
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Thank you! I love them to itsy bitsy pieces!
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Awww they are both beauties. I think Chynna looks really sweet
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Aeeee, poor Chynna was still wanting her nap...

Great pics, Linda.
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Chynna is absolutely stunning! Then again, I'm biased.
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Your girls are absolutely gorgeous!
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Your Chynna is a beautiful girl and so sleepy looking.. Abby is beautiful also and so sweet looking.
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Awww! What sweet babies! Give em rubs for me!
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those poor, poor creatures. Pretty! But they definetlly look like they don't want a morning coffee but an extra three hours of napping.
They'll probablly get back at your for those paparazzi shots!
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