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couch potatoes

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I think that Opie is mellowing toward Ike. For once, he didn't run Ike off of the couch.
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What a cute picture!!! Now maybe someday soon they will be sleeping on the same SIDE of the couch! Baby steps, right? :laughing:
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Just a few steps away from true love! Well, maybe puppy love!
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Awww that is so sweet!! I can never help but laugh at the look cats give dogs (especially if they live together) its sortof full of distain and pity.. :laughing: "ugh... pathetic half wit slave animal, MUST I suffer your company every day?" :laughing:
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Opie is a master of "the look". Its been months, since he's had to hiss, spit or swat Ike. "The look" has been enough.

For his part, Ike has quit trying to sniff Opie's butt. Opie doesn't think much of dog etiquette.

When Rowdy and Ike are having one of their romps, Opie looks SO disgusted. Its like, "HOW can you carry on, with that big, dumb, clumsy oaf?" That is, completely, beneath Opie's dignity.
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I love the discrepancy in size, because the little kitten always rules the roost, not the 75 pound dog. I have a huge collie (26 inches at the shoulder, bigger than the show standard) and 85-90 pounds, who makes sure he shows the proper deference toward the cats--no direct eye contact--the same expression Ike is showing on the picture! So funny. :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
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Great picture! It's like, I'm not even going to LOOK at you . . . I'd rather look at the pattern on the carpet instead!
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Or, I can't look at you, dog. I see spots in front of my eyes.
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Ike looks so meek in that pic, and you really can see who is the master of that house! Too funny! :LOL:
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SO cute!
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