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Siamese ideal weight question.

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Ok not that long back I was in a conversation with someone about Siamese cats. And I had said that Ping was 1 yrs old and weighed around 10 lbs and that me and the vet thought this was a good weight for him at this time. I mean he eats fine and is very active and all that. But they were telling me a Meezer should weigh closer to 20 lbs as an ideal weight. And that they have had a very meezers that came into their care and that they weighed around 15 and needed to gain weight. Which got me to thinking what is the ideal weight for a meezer. I want Ping healthy but not overweight. Can someone give me some insight into this. Because I can not think of one time I have ever saw a 20 lb meezer.
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My boyfriend has a 16 or so pound siamese mix. Poor Syd is very much overweight--he could stand to lose several pounds. I think that siamese tend to be small cats--it's maine coons that are supposed to be large. Regardless, I would focus on your kitty's body structure rather than using breed as a guide.

The breed-specific site mentions females are between 8 and 12 pounds, and males are between 10 and 15 pounds. I think Ping sounds like he's fine on the low end of the scale.
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A 20 pound meezer is not common. Depending on if your Siamese is Show bred or old style or Traditional the size can vary.

I know of some show females that are only 5 pounds as adults and some traditional style males that are 13 lbs.

Can you post a photo of your Siamese? I found some photos of Ping here http://www.thecatsite.com/forums/sho...d.php?t=119500 Now if I can find one of his face

From what you say your kitty sounds to me to be a healthy weight.

I know a traditional boy who is over 12 lbs and the Vet he was seeing was worried he was getting to big. The vet cut his food to 1/2 a cup a day and he always had food left over in his bowl. So the vet cut his food to 1/4 cup a day. He still had food left over in his bowl.

The fact is he is genetically from a big father and is very stocky in build, like a bulldog. He has no fat on him and now he free feeds because he knows what he needs to eat. He never eats more then he needs.
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It depends on what TYPE of siamese it is - the old-fashioned ones (apple heads) would be the biggest - about 10-12 or 13 lbs as the MOST!

The show type, which are long and slender would be fat at 10 lbs. - they are built about the same as cornish rexes and would run about the same weight - 6-7 lbs, maybe 8 if still holding the longer body. You want muscle - not fat.

If its a Siamese somewhere in the middle - 8-10 lbs would probably be fine. Can you post pics of your kitty in question. A good body shot from the side (like when walking) would be great to assess the type of build he has.
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Using the link, he looks fine at 10 lbs - you don't want them too fat, but you don't want ribs showing. Some cats have a natural spine line that shows - the cats are NOT skinny or underfed (like in the cornish rex spine). You go by the general feel of the cat on the side.
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I just looked thru all your topics. I watched the video of ping and to tell the truth ping is so fast I never saw him. LOL That is one high energy cat. Sounds like he and your furless ones exercise each other well. Do you free feed?
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Yes he is free fed dry food with 2 scheduled feedings of wet food. Yes the kids help keep him very active and alone at night he gets the zoomies.

Yeah I thought 20 lbs sounded a little much on a meezer.
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My 14 month old male siamese is about 10.6 pounds. I feel this is his ideal weight. 20 pounds is too much for a modern style or apple head siamese. My 10 month old female is around 7 pounds. The boys should be a bit bigger then the girls. You can find a few pictures of them here
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