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Funny behaviour

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My cat Peedoodle, he has some funny characteristics, I love to hear about the funny things other peoples cats do, the other day I was watching tv, and I noticed Peedoodle getting on the table and looking into the bowl that had the halloween candy in it, and I didnt think anything of it, and then he got off the table and the next thing I know, hes carrying a tootsie pop in his mouth and starts playing with it. Over the next few days, the tootsie pops start disappearing and this morning when I was retrieving his toy mouse from under the couch (he hides his toys under there so we can get them for him) and voila, there are 4 tootsie pops hidden there! I dont know what the attraction is, but he seems to have a thing for playing with them (he has no interest in eating them)
Peedoodle has so many antics up his sleeve, I am always entertained by what he does. If I eat my chicken crackers, he sits there begging for some so I have to give him a piece of my cracker, I dont know if it is the flavour or the cracker itsself.
I would love to hear about what your cats to, Im just so amazed on how they are so smart and so fun!

Kellye, mummy to Peedoodle

:laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2 :laughing2
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Hi Kellye-

I have one kitty that loves to hide our watches and rings and glasses in her litterbox. I have another who loves to chase jar lids across the floor and bring them back to us to throw over and over again.

I have one kitty who loves to sleep underneath the slipcase of the pillows

Another who washes her dry kibble in the water bowl and then looks totally amazed when it dissolves.

Be careful about giving candy to kitty to play with,especially chocolate based type. Chocolate is toxic to kitties and dogs, and not a good play toy. Use crumpled balls of aluminum foil instead, or crumpled pieces of paper.
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Oh yea, duly noted about the danger of the tootsie pops. I have thrown them out so not to put Peedoodle at risk. Thanks for the warning (c:
Right now, he is asleep where the bowl was, I guess he misses hiding the pops.
He also has a habit of sitting on my hands whenever I am on the computer and licking them, and then he will look at the screen as if to watch what I am doing. He is just so cute!
Do your cats hide their toys, just for the sheer pleasure of watching you get on your hands and knees with a flashlight and something long to dig them from under the sofa? My cat does this every day, its like a daily routine with us.
The other night, I was sleeping and I woke up because I could feel him walking across my chest but when I opened my eyes, I could not see him, and I panicked for a minute thinking I had a ghost cat, but I found him walking around under the quilt covers, which is highly unusual for him because he has long thick fur and he does not like to be under covers. Nevertheless I had a good laugh.
I love that cat of mine to death, Im sure all of you feel the same way about yours. How can you not love a cat! They are probably more human than humans themselves!

Kellye and Peedoodle (c:
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Yup - toy and foil balls regularly get patted under the sofa so I have to get them out with a poker.

Another fave thing to do is to sit on any newspaper, magazine or book that is being read.

It's almost as if they want attention paid to them rather than having us reading!

Also, my blue toad Balie has taken to drinking out of the glass of water I take up to bed with me at night. I woke up the other night to a slurping sound, and could just about make out his shape - back legs stood by my head, front paws on the bedside cabinet drinking for England!!!

Gotta love 'em dontchya!
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Mine also have to stick their noses into whatever I'm drinking, be it coffee, water, soda, etc. Jorin has this thing about eating my hair, I guess he likes my shampoo (or he's trying to tell me it's time for a haircut) and he loves to give me kisses.
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When I had my long hair, Socks used to bat it around and make it into whatever "hair do" she thought fitting for that day. Unfortunetly, she had no prior stylist training, and her ideas of style are quite different from mine! I've since had my hair cut above my ears, and the first time I sat down with her after getting it cut, she bit into my scalp (I'm guessing she disapproved...) and made my head bleed! Little bugger.

Every morning, when my mum has her tea, she has to leave a tiny little bit of the tea in the mug or else Socks will get very angry and knock over the mug. Socks proceeds to dip her front paws in the tea and lick it off her toes. (Don't worry, it's just herbal tea.)
Around Christmastime, Socks will drink any eggnog left unattended.

Socks does not let us read the newspaper until she gets her Tender Vittles. If no one has gone out to the store to get Tender Vittles, and we just give her dry food, she will bat and bite the paper until she gets her Vittles.

She enjoys scaring whoever is sitting at the computer, by slyly jumping right on to the back of the chair when the said person is least expecting it.
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My cat, Isabel, has two water dishes. She has the regular sort and she has one with a bottle that stick out the top. She was just fine with the bottle for months and months. Then one day she discovered that if she bumps it bubbles come up. Now I have to keep that bowl in the tub because she bumps it so much to watch the bubbles that she empties the whole thing.
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I liked the idea of the cat playing with the foil, and so I got some aluminium foil and rolled it up into a ball and Peedoodle just loves it! What a great and cheap idea!
Also, do any of your cats play 'hide and seek'?
Peedoodle is a big fan of hide and seek - what we do is one of us hides behind a door or a wall and peek for the other to see us and when we catch each other's eye, we hide behind the wall again and so the other stalks and as one gets nearer, we jump out, and we just enjoy it so much. Sometimes he has those crazy moods in which he zooms up and down the hallway and if you look at him he arcs his back and runs right past you. I am never bored with that cat!
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Jedi loves to play and sleep in the bathroom sink!

He has always preferred drinking from the faucet rather than his bowl, but now, if I don't see him...sure as heck he is in the bathroom either rolling around in the sink or asleep in it! :tounge2: Crack me up! :laughing: :laughing:

He also likes to play "I hide my toys under the loveseat and you dig them out for me"...over and over again. And hide & seek is one of his favorites!

He also likes to play "I hide under the bed quilt and you can't see me". He thinks he is stealth and we can never see him! LOL!

He also likes to play with my hair. He kneads his paws into it and makes like a kitty Hairdini! Twisting and turning my hair until it's a huge mess! :laughing2 I've tried to get him to brush it afterward...but he has yet to show any interest in that activity.

He's so playful and so much fun...I don't know what I'd do without my little guy!
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I love hearing everyone's kitty stories.

My kitties love to hide their toys under the couch too.

Boo loves to play bite the feet game in the mornings. She goes totally NUTs if she sees my feet moving under the covers and then she grabs them and bites them through the covers. Needless to say, I am not wanting to play in the morning when I can get a few more minutes of sleep. :LOL:

Socks loves to lay in the sink whenever hubby or I are in the shower. He doesn't do that any other time though. And he also likes to stand on the edge of the tub when one of us is in the shower and he waits for us to get out so he can get in and lick all the water off the bottom of the tub.
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My cat, Ed, loves to play hide and seek too. We have a "four-square" house where you can run circles through the downstairs from one room to the next, so he likes to lay in wait and will ambush anyone coming through. Even better if I play along by crouching down and "pouncing" on him (the things we do for love).

He also hangs outside the shower when I'm in it and "dries" my feet and legs when I get out.
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This is so cool. Cats are cool. Right now, my hubby is in the bathroom, (not in the shower) and Peedoodle is sitting at the door pushing his paws under the door and 'knocking on it'.
I am deaf and Peedoodle seems to know this because when we are asleep he wakes us up by 'tapping' us on the shoulder rather than meowing, I guess he tried it at the start and realised that we were not going to respond and he adapted to this. Its really cute, but sometimes he can be rather persistent. If you ignore him while he is 'tapping' your shoulder, he then starts to 'dig' until you finally get up. I think hes really cool, except when he does that at 3am!
I love my Peedoodle!
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