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I can feel babies kicking when I pet the stray I brought home. My husband and I named her Saphira(from the movie Eragon)...anyways back to my updates...she is doing something kinda unusual she walks around and meows almost constantly I dont know whether to be worried of if she is just starved for attention. Her bottom area is a red/pink color and sticking out a bit...and when I held her earlier my arm was a bit wet...this happened yesterday too and I have no idea how far a long she is or when she is due...I will try to get pictures on here asap!
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It sounds like she could be really cllose to delivering her babies. Have you managed to get her checked over by the vet? Some cats can become very clingy and look for reassurance as they get close.
Does she appear to be having any contractions or look to be trying to find somewhere to nest?
Is their any kinda mucus or discharge? This too can happen as she gets closer.

Im sure you will get lots more advice soon.

Emma x x
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I havent taken her to the vet yet they are all closed for the weekend here...I am going to try and take her on Monday....she did seem like she was looking for somewhere but she has calmed down now and went to sleep...I think there is some discharge but no contractions from what I can tell...she seems otherwise happy
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Good luck - I have a feeling she's close to birth if you have noticed a discharge. Keep an eye on her.

Is she eating/eliminating normally? And as lilmisskisses asked, any sign of contractions?

Some cats give their owners such clear signs birth is imminent...with others (like my Olivia..cough) its not so easy. So all you can do is make sure she is comfortable, make sure that the places she looks to nest are not awkward unsafe places (e/g/ under your bed), make food and water available and keep an eye on her.

Also have you read the articles on pregnancy/birth/kitten care in the stickys at the top of this forum? Really helped me out with prepapring for birth e.g. what equipment to have ready. I had to take over from Olivia with the 2nd kitten when it came to clamping and cutting the cord. Poor Olivia was too tired and didnt show interest in finishing the job. So those articles were really helpful to me. Just mentioning it as they maybe of help to you if you havent read them yet.

Keep us posted Brandi. By the way Saphira is a lovely name. I do like that. Very striking.
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