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get rid of yellowjackets.

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there are yellow jackets making a nest, I presume, fight outside my basement door in the ceililng. I saw them flying into an opening in the wood. I checked on a garden forum and the best solution I saw was to place a powdered poison in the opening. I can wait till they settle down at night, but I am not going to be able to get the powder IN the hole, and there is no place for it outside, they fly in they don't walk in.
any suggestions? They gotta go.
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I ALWAYS during this time of year keep different kinds of RAID-and hornet 50 ft. spray is one of them. It foams up leaving a nice layer of foam behind. Spray in morn before they wake up. Hope this helps.
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Your state probably has an agricultural extension of some kind that could advise you... maybe give them a call tomorrow, if you can wait. And whatever you do, just be sure to have your escape route open and ready!
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I think these are honey bees, and I know you are not supposed to kill them. I don't want a honeycomb above my basement entrance! jeez, it always something, now I have to deal with this crap. If I can't get a beekeeper out here for free, or close to it, I don't know what I am gonna do.
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My dad was a beekeeper for several years and moved swarms for people but never had a tight situation like that-you could do on the xerces society website for ideas. But if they are wasps/hornets I have used powdered "Sevin" or Eight insecticide applied with a turkey baster (at night when they are settled) Make sure you wear gloves and a face mask and be prepared to run if they come out!
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Well, they are honey bees, I called a bee keeper, and he said it sounds like they are scouts looking for a place to nest, and that I should block the holes. duh. so I stuffed the two I saw them using with aliminum foil, ther was only one there, it was a little cool. Then I stuffed as many opening as i could. I stopped by this afternoon, now hot and sunny there, and watched as 4 of then tried to get into the plugged holes and look for others. I saw them go in and come right out of other holes, so early tonmorrow, I an going to fill some more cracks. I hope this is all I will ahve to do.
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Actually in the current issue of this old house it recommended packing steel wool into gaps (esp for mice!) no special grade but I would think the finer grade would be more dense.
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Thanks Gail, as of 6 pm tonight no bees for two hours. The aluminum foil worked great, fit into any crevice, and I have plenty on hand, no time to go out and buy stuff.
Tomorrow will be the test. If no bees tomorrow, then I know they went elsewhere. Just hope there are not more holes in the house they would like.
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