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Sam is frightened of Autumn

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We started going for walks around the neighbourhood early this summer (Sam in a harness, me on the other end of a long leash). So I learned how cats see the world - they investigate and remember everything they see, and then next time, can instantly spot anything different.

We had one really cold night, so a lot of the plants in the garden died, and lots of leaves fell on the ground. For Sam, this means that the whole world changed, I guess, because now he is afraid of the sidewalk. Normally he marches right down the sidewalk to his favourite patch of grass at the back. This week - he stops, smells all of the leaves covering the pathway, and runs back to the front door. This afternoon, I swept the leaves, and he walked down the regular route just fine.

I think that we now need a sweeper to go ahead of us on our walk and clear away all of those horrid, frightening leaves that keep falling.
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:LOL: That's so funny! My cats are the opposite...they like to pick a big pile of leaves and take a nap on them! :laughing:
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It's too funny - he won't go near the sidewalk covered with leaves, but doesn't mind them when they are on the lawn, under the porch, and he is especially interested in the leaves under the tree in the neighbour's yard that is off limits. We've had a couple of arguments about that one (and so far I am winning, because I'm bigger, and not afraid of him).
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I just love hearing all these Sam stories. Poor baby, scared of leaves on his sidewalk. Sorry, but that really gave me giggles. (Don't tell Sam, though, it may hurt his ego )

We had a dog who was such a chicken. She was even 1/2 pit bull, but you wouldn't know it. Dad was out walking her one day and as they walked by a field where some sheep were grazing a little baby lamb baa'ed. That was it - she was scared and going home! Dad said she almost climbed him to get him to pick her up and take her home. LOL
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:laughing: Sam is too funny!

My cats don't know what to do when they go outside. They either just lie down in one spot on the grass or they try to hide under the bushes. (from what I don't know!) :tounge2:
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Oh hiding under the bushes - we've been there. Here is Sam's list of possible life threatening items:

buses (and these three I agree with and encourage a good healthy fear)
guys walking, running, rollerblading down the street. However, if those guys stop to admire him, they immediately go to the "yippeeee" column.
the sound of construction 2 blocks away
car doors slamming
the pizza delivery guy
pigeons, when they fly away
the sprinkler

Any of these will result in a cat, who marched purposely down the steps, and across the yard, now racing, ears back, for the nearest bush, up any nearby fire escape, or to the front door to be let back inside.

And although he can run up fire escapes, he hasn't learned the technique to come back down. Which is fine, I guess, because he is always on a harness and leash, meaning I have to follow him up the steps, so it's no problem to carry a frightened cat down the fire escape again.
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