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Have you ever had this feeling?

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I dont know whats wrong with me!

In the last week i have having this weird feeling that i have to start selling my things and paint my apartment back to white, pack my things in boxes as if i am going to move!

Please tell me I am not crazy, i dont know where i am moving to yet, but i just have this odd feeling.

Has anyone ever had this before??
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I live in Canada now, but I'm from Texas, and grew up near the Gulf Coast. In mid-August of 2005, I suddenly felt the need to make emergency "earthquake/tsunami" backpacks for my family here on Vancouver Island, so I did.

About ten days later, it was predicted hurricane Katrina was going to hit the Gulf Coast. (This was the third largest hurricane recorded to make landfall in the U.S.)

Days before I even heard about Katrina, I felt the urgency (like many from my home) to get prepared for a disaster. Maybe it was a coincidence, but there was an urgency to it, and it was on my mind continually until it was done. I made sure the gas in the car didn't go below half-full, either. Funny!

Now I need the motivation to re-stock the supplies since they've just expired.
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I don't think there is anything wrong with you, I do think you might subconsciously be thinking about staying Australia when you there.
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I have never had that kind of feeling because I HATE moving! Maybe you should move to Australia, it seems like it would be a lot of fun!
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Sure, I've had things like that happen to me too. Sometimes it's a response to some degree of foreknowledge, a psychic phenomenon... and sometimes it can happen because some subconscious part of you has made a decision, and your conscious mind doesn't know about it yet...
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hmmm, i dont know why this urge is there though!
I really do want to move back to australia and looking into every possible way but it just takes time
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