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Kitten pictures

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Yes the Kitty did have a poop on my BF's hand

I know the ginger one is going to be ginger and white obviously but I am not so sure about the other two

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Oh my goodness they are very cute!!!
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they are VERY cute!
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beautiful little babies....they look so small and cute...

Congrats x x x x
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You have a black/white, red tabby/white, and a tortie/white - looks like some red in the coat with the red markings around the neck.

Can you take a better picture of her? To show more of the markings.
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They are precious!
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They are gorgeous!! Congratulations
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Gorgeous kittens
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aww there lovely , thank you for sharing
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they are gorgeous!
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Awww so cute... Kisses babies!
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Pepsi, which one is the runtie one you're worried about? Quite honestly, they all look pretty good to me...
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He is the one that my boyfriend is holding (not the ginger one) the one that popped on BF's hand LOL

I am glad you think he looks healthy
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They are sooo sweet!
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