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Kitty Nicknames

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I know I posted this before (I think) but I'm posting a new as I can't find the old one

Anyway, what nicknames do you call your cats?

I call tab a range of random nicknames...

Cheech (don't ask)
and Tabz

the main thing I call her is Pookie lol
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MITTENS: my baby ---- little girl ---- brat ---- bad kitty

CASSY: my dolly ---- princess ---- my love ----- good girl
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At the moment, only 1 of my 5 has a nickname that is used most of the time--
Charlotte has a huge, bushy tail so I call her "Fuzzy Butt".
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Ling's really "Ling Ling" - but we call her Ling, Linger, or Miss Ling

Charlie's really "Charlie Wonka - registered name" but we call him Charlie, Charlie boy and DH likes calling him Charles or Mr. Charles
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Originally Posted by libby74 View Post
Charlotte has a huge, bushy tail so I call her "Fuzzy Butt".
we sometimes call Tab Fuzzy butt or 'Fuzzbutt' too lol
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Furry Baby
Little Sweety

I know I know
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Gracie- The Princess, GM (Gracie Mae), Miss White Mittens, Pretty Girl, Cutie Pie.Casey- CJ (Casey Jay) Bruiser, Mister, Handsome, Cutes, and "Leave Gracie alone!"
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Harley is my big boy, Monster is my pretty girl, Gizmo answers to brat....

Most of my husband's nicknames for the crew can't be put on a family site!
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Last August, we took in a little six-week-old red tabby foster, and the shelter had named him Bach... but we quickly figured out that he was not going back to the shelter, so we tried all sorts of names out on him, and we still use most of them from time to time.

So his official name is St. John Dundee -- St. John after a red tabby stray (named by my brother) who hung around our house in Austin for awhile many years ago...and Dundee after the brand of Scottish orange marmalade. But he also gets called:

Redheaded Stranger

The Orange Flash

Hurricane Dundee (for the swirly designs on his sides)

Foxtail or Foxy (he has the most fabulous tail!)

Puddinhead (my father's name for him)



and of course...

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