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Went to my first household cat show yesterday!

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It was fun. It was cool to be surrounded by a bunch of obsessive crazy cat people (and there were lots of crazy cat MEN, too!!!) in one little place. This was just a local cat club, and they were only showing household non-pedigree cats and kittens, and our Humane Society had entered a few adoptable cats into the show...it was a great way to showcase some of the babies in need. And little Peter, a tabby with white, who came into the shelter with frostbitten ears and tail (it makes him look like a Scottish Fold!), won best in show for the neutered short-haired male division!!! He's such a sweetie...I met him the day before. People were in love with him, and I hope he got adopted! And Simba, a LARGE red mackeral long-haired tabby got first place in the neutered-male-long-haired division, over two unregistered ragdolls and 3 Maine Coons! His family nearly died!!! It was so much fun...the theme was "Cat-Sino Royale."

I kept wondering what Miss Ripley would have been like in the ring...she probably would have hissed, given the judge a face, lift, and run the heck out of there!!! Of course, the spayed long-haired female division was hysterical...they were all snotty calico/torti ladies, and not much else! The judge made a comment on how much "attitude" she sees in torti girls!!! It was cute.

Anyway, I had fun. It was fun to see the little kids, and how they handled their own pets...many were trying so hard to be professional, and they loved their kitties so much!
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Oh, I bet that was a lot of fun! I wish they'd do something like that in my area; I'd totally drag Felix out to pose. Fenwick (my calico/tortie girl) has far too much attitude to be handled by commoners.
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I wish they had something like that in my area too but Tavia is too much of a diva to do anything like that.
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Next year, I could get away with showing Captain Steuben in it...he's just a run-of-the-mill smoke tabby...I'd show Fergus, but he's a bit too overweight. Perhaps I would show him if he lost about 5 lbs of flubber.

It was fun...it was sort of like all of the cat-psychos came crawling out of their cat-trees to wear their best kitty-themed earrings, sweatshirts, share their kitty-crafts, share the most ornately-decorated cat cages, etc. I thought it was wonderful!!! At least now I know I'm not alone in my kitty-craziness around Iowa!
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That's neat and a great way to showcase adoptable pets. At the first show I went to, they had a few from a shelter, and there's at least always a shelter booth.

It's therapeutic to be around other crazy cat people, isn't it?
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umm...no pictures???

Next time? Pictures!

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I would love to go to something like that. I wish they had one in my area.
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