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Fake Protein with Melamine

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"In a letter on ChemNutra's website, Chief Executive Steve Miller said, "We are concerned that we may have been the victim of deliberate and mercenary contamination for the purpose of making the wheat gluten we purchased appear to have a higher protein content than it did."

"Adding melamine, with its high amount of nitrogen, to wheat gluten would give the illusion of a higher protein content, Madl said."

Fake Protein with Melamine

Isn't this wonderful news? Why put REAL protein in foods which will be served to obligate carnivores that depend on having REAL protein in their foods? I guess it is so much better to use a chemical used in plastics or as fertilizers which will give a protein reading for the food which is far higher than the actual protein content of the food. Who really cares if our pets die anyway? It only matters that the public be fooled into thinking the food has REAL protein at the cheapest possible cost, right?

Menu Foods disgusts me.

If you wish to contact these jerks to let them know exactly what you think of their company and business tactics, check this link. It provides email addresses for the company's officers, including;

"Robert W. Luba, Chairman of the Board of Trustees & Administration Board (rluba@menufoods.com)
Mark A. Wiens, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice President, Secretary of Administrator (mwiens@menufoods.com)
Randall C. Copeland, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Administrator (rcopeland@menufoods.com)
William F. Grant, Executive Vice President - Corporate Purchasing & Logistics of Administrator (grant@menufoods.com)
Christopher J. Mifflin, Executive Vice President - Operations of Administrator (cmifflin@menufoods.com)
Richard G. Shields, Executive Vice President - Technical Services of Administrator (rshields@menufoods.com)
Serge Darkazanli, President and Chief Executive Officer (sdarkazanli@menufoods.com, adoremus@menufoods.com)"

Funny how the Menu Foods website doesn't list ANY email address contact information for the company. If you call the Menu Foods 800 number, they claim "we are not aware of any email addresses to reach the company."
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It is very difficult - the vast majority of people want cheap cat food, and that usually means it is made with reformed/reclaimed meat and fish products that need a binder such as wheat gluten. The protein content of the binder obviously contributes to the overall statistics for the ingredients. I guess you can't blame the manufacturers for buying the gluten that seemed to have the highest percentage of protein. The problem probably started way down the line, long before it got to Menu Foods. What made me furious about all this was the cover-up at the start and the failure to admit there was anything wrong by so many companies. It was a repeat of the scandal over cheap reclaimed meat products for humans during the UK 'mad-cow' disease scare, when we learned what really went into all those cheap sausages and pies that were advertised as good for kids.

We all know that if you want quality food, human or animal, you have to pay for it, and most pet owners just buy the cheapest on the shelves, assuming that if it is made for a cat or dog, then the animal will do OK on it. Few people do the research available to TCS members, and let's face it, not everyone can afford the very best, either for themselves or their pets. I know that most people here would feed their cats before themselves, if it came to it, and buy the best they can. But millions think they are doing OK on the supermarket brands and trust the manufacturer.
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