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Ripley...the dandruff queen.

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Okay, my snobby little torti w/white girl, Ripley, seems to have more trouble with her coat than either of my boys, Captain Steuben, or Fergus. Since she's a torti, she has a lot of black fur, and her skin is almost always flaky, and has visible dandruff. Her coat isn't necessarily oily, but it's a bit rougher, and not as plush-feeling as my males. I comb her daily, just to get some of the loose dandruff, and also to control her horrible shedding...she has short hair, not long.

It isn't her diet, as we feed Innova regular adult cat food...which is a very complete and healthy diet. She does well on it in every other way, except her coat quality, and the dry skin.

*I've tried adding a bit of olive oil to her food.
*I've tried fish oil (wild herring) supplements and capsules.
*I've tried Brewer's Yeast tablets.
*I've tried the age-old trick of dabbing a bit of vegetable oil margarine on her paws, so she could lick it off, adding a bit more fatty acids to her diet.


We've also had her on a 100% wet diet, and that didn't make a difference either.

Her coat does have a nice sheen to it, it just isn't a really soft coat, and it tends to be flaky with more shedding.

Any ideas?
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At this pt it is time to discuss this with a vet... How old is Ripley>??
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She's 4 years old. I have discussed this with our vet...he tried pushing some Science Diet onto me, which I will NOT feed my kitties. She's a healthy girl...she just has dry skin.
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Have you tried a simgle grain single protein food ??? IE california natural???

It could be a ingrediant in the foods she eats ... likely the barley ...
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I noticed that you didn't list my solution so I thought I'd tell you what I do. I give our cats a bath at least once a month, sometimes twice. I'm terribly allergic to cat dander, to the point of getting hives, and the bath solves my problem. I don't even use any special shampoo or brush them. I use hairball control from wall-mart and pet them all I want. The shampoo has beads of conditioner in it so it keeps their skin nice and soft and dander free. I hope this is of some help to you!
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