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OH my!

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I've decided to name my stray, Mixi. And I woke up this morning, checked on her and thought, "That's not right!" It took a minute for my eyes to come into focus and sure enough! She had FOUR babies! I'm soo excited! She did an excellent job of cleaning them up and getting them to nurse! They all have fat little tummies and no complaints! I'll post pictures soon! Two little black ones, an orange tabby and a cream colored one with a few brown strands (will this one turn out to be tortoiseshell like her momma?) ^_^
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I'd have to see the pics - its rare to have a "reverse" tortie/bluecream - one where you have more red/cream then the black.

Sounds like a cream with a little different shading - but I'm pretty good at colors and sexing the kittens.
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oh congrats to you both.....Sounds like momma has done a brill job with these babies.

Cant wait to see pics of your little furr balls

Emma x x x
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I think there's another kitten still inside momma! I felt her stomach because I thought for surely with that big of a belly there would have to be more and I felt a lump. It was harder and it moved around a bit, so we may have a fifth on it's way! (maybe even a sixth! o_O) If she doesn't at least TRY to have a kitten by noon I'm going to take her into the Emergency Vet Clinic to get her checked out.

My figuring is that she's delaying birth either because I woke up or my other kitty could have bothered her, Or maybe even because she's tired.

She hasn't been straining much and only moving around a little bit. I gave her a can of food and she ate a bit, which was nice because it gave me time to swap out towels and hold her newborns.

Any advice?
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If you think that their may still be at least 1 kitten in their I would give the vet a ring and ask for advice.

Is she still straining at all or still having contractions.

I would definately call though if you are at all worried.

Congrats on your new furr babies too x x x x x x
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is there any news yet?
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Congrats on the new arrivals! And for taking this stray mom cat in.

Has labour ended? Is it just the four?

ps - Mixi is a great name....Im not biased lol
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Momma is doing well! No more kittens, *sigh of relief*.

I've figured out these silly kittens!

We have momma Mixi, (left to right) Vela (female), Redding (male), Carina (female), and Bailey (male, after Bailey's Irish Cream, yum yum!). I'm pretty sure I've got the sexes right, however I may have to double check!

Vela means sail and Carina means keel and they're part of a four part constellation cluster "Argo Navis." I was contemplating naming the boys Puppis and Pyxis (the stern and the compass), but I don't really care for the name Puppis which is translated from latin into english as "poop", hence "poop deck". Funny though!
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Oh well done, those babies are beautiful. I love their names.

Congrats x x x x x
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They are gorgeous! I love little Bailey.
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Wow Momma is stunning i had a tortie as a child i love the colouring.

The cream is a spitting image of my Cally's little boy.
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Beautiful babies!

Congrats to you and mama for a safe delivery
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Bless you for rescuing this beauty and her babies!! Momma's so pretty and it looks like there's at least 1 tortie, maybe 2. Lucky you! I have a tortie and she is the sweetest love bug!!

Beautiful babies! Keep us posted on their growth!
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You have a red and a cream boy - its cream - not

The 2 females are torties - they will develop more red in their coats as they get older - the red is a "slow" color gene. I had a tortie rex kitten that only had 2 very tiny spots of red on her when born (thought she was a black). As she grew, more red started showing in the coat.
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