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I took some pics yesterday of my Boris posing....thought Id share He's 1 years old...you can tell he thinks he's at that 'im a man now' stage lol

My boy posing away

Who's cuter the Teddy or Boris?

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Boris is definitely cuter than the teddy bear..What a doll he is
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Originally Posted by minxie View Post
Who's cuter the Teddy or Boris?

You have to ask? Boris is an absolute doll!!
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How precious he is and he knows it too
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awe such a cutie, and those pics are just soo precious, and did u really have to ask bout the teddy bear and borris borris no's that he is the man But he is just such a cutie, very handsome boy there
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He is more adorable than a whole herd of teddy bears! Very handsome
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What a handsome boy!
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