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My beloved Zippy...

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My beautiful Zippy died on April 17th. She was a little over a year old, but I had taken care of her since she was a kitten. She came up to my house all skin-and-bones, and scared of humans. She had some burn marks on her, and I assumed that some kids had been torturing her. So I took her in and nursed her back to health. Some days, I didn't think she was going to make it she was so tiny, young, and deathly skinny. But she pulled through.

Here is a fairly recent picture of her:

Whenever I would take her outside, she loved to flop down on this trash can. I have no idea why she liked it so much, but I guess it was comfortable.

I am beside myself in sorrow. She managed to get out of the house when she was in heat, and had two little kittens a month ago. Everything was fine up until this past week. I had been working long hours and didn't realize she was sick. She died of mastitis. The vet told me that symptoms can spring up and they'll die just a day or two later, even if symptoms don't seem to be that bad. She had been tired and not really wanting to eat the last day, and I knew she wasn't feeling well, but I had to work so I decided I would take her to the vet in the morning since she didn't seem to feel that bad. Then when I got home from work I knew something was wrong because she hadn't eaten or even really moved and hadn't fed her two little kittens all day. I left the kittens with someone else who fed them, and took Zippy to the vet, but it was too late. She died a little bit after we got there.

I blame myself for this. I should have noticed it sooner, should have called in to work and taken her on to the vet. I am taking care of the two wee kittens now, but I wish Zippy was still here with me.

Here is a picture of the kittens (about two weeks ago - they are doing fine):
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I'm so sorry to hear about your sweet Zippy. You cannot blame yourself; some things are out of our hands. You gave her a wonderful year of life that she wouldn't have had otherwise. Play happily over the Rainbow Bridge, sweet Zippy.

The kittens are beautiful. I'm glad they are O.K. (sometimes the mastitis milk will poison the babies!). Please get the little ones spayed and you won't have to worry about mastitis again. With best wishes.
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RIP Sweet Zippy Your life was short, but you knew love. Play happily now, little one.
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I am so sorry about Zippy, I am glad that the kittens are doing

RIP Zippy
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So sorry to hear about Zippy. I know what you are feeling when you said you felt guilty for not taking her to the vet sooner. Pepper was put to sleep on April 11th. We had taken her to the vet in January with an ear problem. I told the vet she wasn't using her litter box all the time. The vet felt her stomach and then said she had a "behavioral problem". Well things went the same until the end of March and then it accelerated real fast. She wasn't using her litter box at all and it was close to Easter. I took her in the day after Easter only to find out that her behavioral problem was a tumor that had gone so far that it was inoperable. She was in pain for the last 2 days of her life. I miss her terribly. If only cats could talk your cat and mine would have told us what was bothering them. Don't feel guilty. How could you have known? I had a false sense of security thinking Pepper just had issues with not being able to go outside in the snow. I thought she was punishing us for making her stay indoors. Then the weather broke and she was lying outside on the ground for about 10 min. I thought she caught a stomach illness. I felt terribly guilty for days. She was 14 1/2. I can take comfort in knowing we had her a long time. You had Zippy for such a short time. I am so sorry for your loss.
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I am so sorry for your loss...... you gave Zippy all you could give her ...... dont blame yourself for something you did not know .......... You saved her and she experienced love .... thats the best you could give her. Rest in Peace Zippy You are loved and missed......
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She was beautiful. My prayers are with you.

RIP Zippy
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Bless her heart she's gorgeous as well Poor baby, but at least you showed her some love

And those little muffins without their mum now, poor angels

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My heart breaks for you. RIP Zippy.
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Aww. At least she knew what love was. Some cats never even get that. I am glad her babies are doing well.

RIP Zippy. Go play happily.....
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So sorry about Zippy. RIP Pretty one.
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I'm so very sorry you lost your sweet girl. I am sure you did everything you could and you can't blame yourself for not noticing. Sometimes these things just happen so fast and there is nothing that could be done. I am glad that the kittens are doing ok and that you have a part of her living on in them.

Rest in peace Zippy.
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RIP Pretty Zippy.

Its so sad those kitties are without their mum. Mastitis can strike so quick...its scary. My condolonces to you at this difficult time.
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oh I am sad to read about Zippy, she certainly was a sweet girl Please do not blame yourself, you did your best for her and she found warmth, happiness and love with you and thats the best anyone can give, especially to one that had such a terrible start in life She will live on in those beautiful babies

RIP Precious Zippy, you are in a special place now, have lots of kitty adventures

look down now and then, moma loves and misses you so
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Aw, what a beautiful girl she was! Rest peacefully, honey, and play happily over the bridge!
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These beautiful kitties are her gift to you, so it´s like you´ve never lost her! So don´t be sad, you did all you could! Hugz&kissez!
She´s happy and well now!
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