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Orion pics!

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It's been a while guys but I wanted to share pictures of Orion. I've been really busy with life and decided to put a hault to my online activities for family life. Can you believe I redid my closetS? Yes! All of them! And more! : )

When we first got him in October:

This is him tonight:

I can't wait to see when he has all his furr grown in!

This is part of another picture but I just cropped him. Do you see his tail??? It's a feather duster!

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He is so GORGEOUS, Oh MY
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Oh my goodness Orion has grown into a fluffy gorgeous boy!!
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Oh he is SO handsome - I love his fluffy ears!!!!!
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Very handsome!
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Aww! Hes precious!! He looks alot like my moms cat, Simba.
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What a gorgeous boy u have there ! That tail is soo FLUFFY I cant wait to see pics when all his furs in He def has gotten very big Such a HANDSOME boy u have there tho
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