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Stray found - sickly (pics)

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Hello all, I recently had a cat (male, not neutered) hang around our house. I got my first good look at him today. He's solid grey (like a Russian Blue). His head and neck are full, and fat. The rest of his body is thin and his fur looks
unhealthy. I just rescued our 3rd cat last year and cannot afford the needs of
this poor (and very sweet guy). I'm looking for a rescue that could help me. I'm concerned about the SPCA b/c he's not adoptable right away. He'll need some TLC and nutrition. I believe our small town SPCA doesn't have the funds or room for an animal that needs time to heal first. I'm hoping a rescue would. Anyone know of a rescue in Va? I'm willing to drive him a couple hours. Here are some pics.

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Looks like he has mange,bad parasites, or a bad flea infestation.

Hope you have good luck finding a good rescue for him.
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Awe, bless him. He looks pathetic. I will keep my toes and fingers crossed that he gets a good, safe home!!
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Thanks guys. I do know of a place that's a non-profit spay/neuter group that does really low cost spays. I just found out that they also test for FIV and FL for only $14. I could at least get him tested and neutered. But they do not do vet checks. I have some Advantage that I'll put on him the next time I see him. He's super lovable!!! Rolls and begs for a got petting.
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Just a caution note if it is mange some types can be tranfered to humans so make sure you wash hands really well after touching him.
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He is a beautiful cat, I hope you have good luck finding help for him.
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We had a cat similar to him here, a feral. The hairloss was ringworm. Unfortunately, we couldn't treat him, so I held him(sorta) while he was euthanized.
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He doesnt look like he's dying, and he still has most of his hair, so I think whatever he has is treatable after a good bath and medication.
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can you make it to Virginia Beach? I used to live there and the local Humane Society has a very good track record with homing animals, including strays.
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I contacted Cat's Cradle
in hopes that they can help me. I offered to foster the kitty (I've been calling him Mr. Man) if they could help with the vet bills until he's adoptable. Little Man was hanging around him today and neither of them seemed to be bothered by each other. His belly feels hard, is that a sign of a problem?
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I would keep him seperated until you get him to a vet!!! The hair loss signals a problem be it mange ringworm whatever its possible that the other animals can catch it.
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Yes, keep them separated -- the hard belly could mean worms, which wouldn't be a surprise, since the poor guy's apparently been without care for a long time. If Cat's Cradle can't handle it, post again and I'll do some searching for you...
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Good NEWS! I have the stray in the den (alone) and we'll be heading to a spay clinic tomorrow morning for blood work, and hopefully a spaying if doesn't have feline leukemia. I'll bring him back home Wed morning and well begin fostering him until he's healthy again.

Earlier, I forgot to mention when I said him and Little Man were hanging out together. It wasn't that I put them together on purpose. The stray was on the porch eating and the Little man was on the other side of the porch watching. I didn't mean for them to encounter each other, it happened outside.

Anyway, I'll keep everyone updated. Thanks!
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Thats so brilliant of you
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I've named him King Louie. He's back from the vet. Neg for FIV and FL. Was treated for ear mites, and flees. He's on his way to goo health. Funny thing is, even though I can see his hip bones and spine, he weighs 11 lbs! Think how big he'll be when he fills out and coat thickens! He's going to be huge! The rescue will be showing him (if there's room) at a pet store in Northern Va. this weekend. In the meantime, I'll continue to be his foster mom.
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Well done, what a wam caring person you are! Bless his little heart. It is great that he is well and ready for lots of love and food!!
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