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The Official "Why I Can't ..." Thread - Page 6

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why i can't type on my laptop...

& a couple more of her just being sweet

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Why I'm having trouble tapewiring my dollhouse....

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look! they take turns!

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Why we can't leave Sophie the bunny unattended Abilene is a little too interested

Why I can't use my flower pots

Why i'll never have an issue waking up in the middle of the night when we have a human baby to feed it

Why I can't go to the store without buying baby wipes

Why I can't leave the fridge open even for a moment around my foster kittens. They WILL help themselves

Why I can't leave breakable things out around kittens

Why I can't sleep in my own bed

Why I can't convience Kojak he's a cat and not an Australian Shepherd

Why I can't get things done, what can i say, have a pretty demanding boss
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Why I can't convience Velvet that Fosters is a friend and just wanted to kiss her...(seconds before his snout learned a valuable lesson he decided to lick her right upside her entire head moments after i took this picture and she decked him one)

Why I need earplugs
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I love all these
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great picture's!
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Why I can't have lights on my Christmas tree.
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