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Tux + Inka

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I have PLENTY of cute pictures of each of them on their own, but I'll save those for another day. Here are a few pictures of Tux and Inka, brother and sister. Tux is the boy with more white on him... the one that looks like Batman. Inka is the girl who is mostly black. We got them from the SPCA when they were 4 months old. They are now just over a year old.

Cuddle Bunnies

Balloon strings are fun!

Big brother and little sister

Posing for the camera

Hiding from the vacuum cleaner

In the box for their scratch post

Quality time by the window
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They are so beautiful and perfect together! I love the photo of them on the chair together. Seb hates the vaccuum, too. Hides every time.
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Originally Posted by wmarcello View Post

Hiding from the vacuum cleaner
I love this one. Their faces are too sweet for words. They're the perfect pair though, aren't they? They look like they love each other sooooo much. I love little Tuxedo cats.
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They are so beautiful, and they love each other Awwwww
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They are absolutely GORGEOUS ......... and they are so loving too

I love this pic!

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What a pair, they seem to have such personalities too ! They are just such cuties
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How cute and friendly they are together.

I love black/white kitties, I have two, but their not so friendly with each other, I will print the pic with yours on the chair and show them how other cats can get along!
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Oh my heavens they are gorgeous! I agree, they look perfect together
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Oh my! They are tooo cute together
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ahhhh! they are so cute!!! can I kiss em?
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Goodness what a gorgeous pair of kitties Forever friends without a doubt
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Beautiful photographs, they are gorgeous!!
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